TV Enthusiasts, Take Those Ear Buds Out!

March 21, 2007 by zac439 | Leave a Comment

Out of all the complaints an avid television watcher could have, extremely loud commercials are one of the most common. Some movies and television shows will sometimes have poor sound design- and have un-hearable talk scenes, but include action scenes moments later that are loud enough to make you cringe in pain. So how do […]


VOIX: Tower speakers for the iPod

February 5, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

These have to be the most impressive accessory for the iPod so far, a set of tower speakers MPX and MPY, that are about three and half feet high and are made from aluminum. Voix are producers of speakers of all kinds, yet these tower speakers are quite something, they can be used with TV, […]


How to record on an iPod

February 2, 2007 by davidallen | 4 Comments

The only downside with the iPod Nano is the fact that despite all of its good points, like style and massive memory, but with all that there is no facility for recording. Which is very disappointing for a prestige item and more than that from the top design and style icons Apple. Well it has […]


What to do with those people who really annoy you

January 31, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

Well there was a time when everyone just had to put up with the people who just plainly annoy everyone, be it in the office or anywhere, sometimes people just grind you down, but now you can have the last laugh with the fantastic new little gadget called the Annoy A Tron. The aptly named […]