3G for the LG Shine

April 12, 2007 by davidallen | 3 Comments

It has to be one of the best handsets around at the moment, the LG shine with its super large screen was launched earlier this year to much appraisal, it even picked up an award at the Shiny awards for Best Fashion Mobile Award, which is pretty good for a new phone. Now to make […]


Rumor: Gucci Phone in the making?

March 13, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

This rumor doesn’t surprise me, after many other top brands (most recently Prada) Gucci seems to be planning their own branded mobile phone. This rumor is not the best sourced, as it is based on two pictures that appeared on the photo sharing site Flickr. [Source] Hot Tags:gucci phone, gucci, gucci telefon, gucci telephone, telefon […]


Nokia software updater is now launched

March 10, 2007 by davidallen | 4 Comments

Nokia has been testing the software updater application which is available now for everyone to download, this software will allow the user to update the software on their own Nokia mobile device, this can be done now without the need to visit and engineer or a Nokia dealer. This service has become an essential tool […]


LG Prada Coming Soon.

March 6, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment

Remember the upcoming cell phone by LG Electronics that was extremely similar to the Apple iPhone back in CES 2007? Well, it seems as if its launch date may come a little earlier than the expected date. According to Mobile Today, the LG Prada phone, model KE850, will hope to see itself on the store […]


CNN on your mobile phone

March 2, 2007 by davidallen | 2 Comments

Like many news providers CNN have launched their new and updated version of CNN mobile, this new version is available to everyone from 1st March, unlike the previous version, yet the new CNN has more than just news stories, it has a whole variety of other service which include a five day weather forecast for […]


Samsung Helio Heat: Feature-loaded yet cheap

March 2, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Samsung today released the new Samsung Helio HEAT handset, which is not only cheap at $150, but also feature-loaded. Boosting a clear 1.99″ QVGA display enables the Samsung Helio HEAT to make viewing videos, either stored on the 136MB internal memory or streamed over the 3G network, a pleasure. 136MB internal memory isn’t bad, but […]


Wrist phone due to hit Europe in spring 2007

February 16, 2007 by davidallen | 3 Comments

This is quite cool looking watch, there have been some attempts to combine a mobile phone and watch, or just a mobile phone that fitted your wrist, but they never really made simply because they were not designed to be cool, they were just designed to work. This watch the M300 from a company called […]


Sony Ericsson unveiled W880 (Ai) Walkman music phone

February 6, 2007 by techbuzz | 2 Comments

The long wait has finally come to an end. The much hyped W880 (Ai) Walkman music phone by Sony Ericsson was unveiled today amidst much fanfare. Apart from this, Sony Ericsson has also announced a suite of musical accessories which it claims will “enhance the Walkman phone listening experience”. This particular model is Sony Ericssons’s […]


BenQ-Siemens: 3 awesome mobile phone concepts

February 6, 2007 by poeloq | 3 Comments

BenQ-Siemens, the German-Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer has released pictures of three amazing concept phones: According to Portable Gadgets, these concepts were designed by Berlin based Product Visionaires GmbH for the BenQ-Siemens. Sadly, BenQ-Siemens isn’t the most stable company, with many problems especially concerning it’s German subsidies. I would love to get my hands on any […]


Kensington’s Bluetooth VoiP telephone

February 1, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Don’t you hate having to get your cheap headset out in public and then get tangled up in the cable? Impossible? Well, just visit any London City coffee shop and wait a few minutes… Kensington may just have the solution: a very compact Bluetooth VoIP phone which when not needed fits into your notebooks PCMCIA […]


Microsoft playing catchup…again?

February 1, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Microsoft may be the market leader for operating systems, internet browsers and office software, but in other markets it isn’t doing quite so well. Even though Bill Gates denies Microsoft Windows Vista being anything like Apple MacOS X, we all know that it is and Microsoft is playing catchup to many rival companies in various […]


Skype to Launch Domestic Call Pricings

January 19, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment

Skype, a famous Internet phone service, have stated that it will be introducing new plans for domestic calls in 24 countries, including France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and the United Kingdom. What is exciting about the new plan, Skype Pro, will be that the users will be paying a monthly subscription along with a […]