Next-gen Zune Coming in August?

March 7, 2007 by Static | 7 Comments

Nothing has yet to be confirmed by an official Microsoft employee, but according to Gizmodo, it seems as if they “eavesdropped” on some Zune news. In the Game Developers’ Conference 2007, according to Gizmodo, there has been some secret discussions going on relating the next generation of Zunes coming with gaming. Lately, with the Zune […]


Xbox 360 512 MB Memory Unit Soon!

March 6, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment

Are you still one of the few who have yet not purchased a Microsoft Xbox 360, a Sony PS3, or a Nintendo Wii because of the rather pricy side of it? I personally have been waiting for any of the three to start dropping its prices. But it seems Microsoft has heard my prayer. It […]


Microsoft and Apple are at it again

February 26, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

It appears that the truce that had existed between Microsoft and Apple has hit some rocky ground, this time with the inclusion of Vista onto Macs, the problem lies where there are other versions of the Vista program that are cheaper or possibly open source, these will therefore under cut Microsoft’s Vista operating system. So […]


The Connected Home 2007: Xbox 360 & IPTV

February 25, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Microsoft will be presenting it’s IPTV service for the Xbox 360 at next weeks The Connected Home exhibition in London – and TurboGadgets is going to be there to report on it live as it happens! Combining IPTV and the Xbox 360 will make it possible to record programs while playing your favorite game. Microsoft […]


Apple not ready for Vista

February 10, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

When Apple finally became MS compatible we all thought that this was the end of the dream, Apple had finally succumbed to the might of MS. But if you check out the Apple tech website, all of the Apple computers that are compatible with windows, are defiantly not ready for Vista, this could be a […]


First sub-$500 laptop with Windows Vista

February 4, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

The first laptop with Microsoft Windows Vista for less than $500 has now appeared: the Everex StepNote VA4101M. I am note sure you will actually get much fun out the new Vista features, e.g. the eye candy, as the Everex StepNote VA4101 runs on a mere 1.46GHz Intel Celeron M 410 processor and 512MB RAM, […]


Microsoft playing catchup…again?

February 1, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Microsoft may be the market leader for operating systems, internet browsers and office software, but in other markets it isn’t doing quite so well. Even though Bill Gates denies Microsoft Windows Vista being anything like Apple MacOS X, we all know that it is and Microsoft is playing catchup to many rival companies in various […]


Windows Vista Launch London: Nothing special to be seen

February 1, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

I had quite a busy day yesterday, attending several different events. One of them was the London Microsoft Windows Vista Launch “Event” at the British Library. I only found out about the secret location 5 minutes before Bill Gates was supposed to appear and luckily can run there from here within about that time. Sadly, […]


Zune Going Bad After Three Months?

February 1, 2007 by Static | 9 Comments

It seems as if Microsoft has been getting a lot of support calls lately—although that was expected; except regarding the Zune screen cracking. The Zune, with a massive 3 inch screen and a sturdy nearly scratch-less case have been praised for its robustness. But it seems like the screen isn’t doing too well, three months […]


Zune Wi-Fi Re-Fills available soon

January 28, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

Microsoft may be considering the introduction of Wi-Fi Zune filling station type spots, where the users of the new Microsoft Zune machine will be able to download music by using Wi-Fi in certain areas, such as stations, airports and stores, however the coverage will be limited for some time, that is until all the equipment […]


Lotus Connection Suite unveiled by IBM

January 25, 2007 by techbuzz | Leave a Comment

If Microsoft is pacing ahead can IBM lag behind? International Business Machines (IBM) has unveiled the all new Lotus Connection Suite, incorporating five special tools, Blogs, Activities Bookmarks and Communities. This category of business applications, named as “Enterprise 2.0” ushers in more interactivity for its users. This new venture of IBM might bring it in […]


Vista Released… Too Early.

January 22, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment

Often, this happens as retailers are looking for some quick profit or just don’t realize the concept of a “release date”. Some retailers based in UK have actually sold the Microsoft Windows Vista Home Edition a bit too early than what Microsoft originally hoped. Maybe the extremely long wait since the Windows XP launch date […]


Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition

January 21, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment

Windows Vista is about to be released towards the end of the month in four different versions, but now also another version has been announced: the Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition. I myself use various operating systems, including Windows but mainly Debian Linux. I like Windows, but this is for the die-hard fanboys only […]

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