Classy wooden covers for the iPods

March 8, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

Now this is what you will have to say is real style and class, there is nothing better than making something that is ultra hi tech, into something that looks like is has come fresh out of the stone age. I can just see this on the next Flintstones movie; it really does look like […]


Another strange watch, from Japan

March 6, 2007 by davidallen | 3 Comments

The Mugen watch is not as strange as some, but it will take some time for the owner to learn how to tell the time, but maybe it is not about telling the time, maybe it is wrist art, little gems that adorn the wrists of those who feel that they need not wear a […]


Portable DVD player with 12 hours battery power

March 2, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

Panasonic the Japanese electronics giant have come up with two new versions of a portable DVD player. They claim that the DVD player models LX87 S and the LS80 K have a battery that will last for up to twelve hours, which of course is absolutely fantastic and compared to the other portable DVD players […]


Wizpy – portable USB Linux OS and media device

February 26, 2007 by aleks | 1 Comment

TurboLinux has delivered Wizpy in Japan, a portable media device. It can be used as a video player, music player, recording, FM radio, picture viewer, e-book… I almost forgot, it has TurboLinux installed and when it is connected to a computer is a portable hard drive as well. Sweet! Wizpy also has 1.71“ OLED screen, […]


The Asahi Kasei rain sensor

February 19, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment

This is for someone who has just put their clean washing outside to dry, this sensor detects when it is raining and gives you a warning. There is nothing worse than putting a batch of clean washing outside to dry in the early sun, only to realize a while later that it is raining and […]


Toshiba’s first HD DVD-R laptop

January 18, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment

Thats it: the first HD DVD-R laptop, announced by Toshiba. The laptop will sadly just be available in Japan to begin with. Apart from the HD DVD burner the other specs of the laptop, which will cost around $4,000 when it comes out in Europe, are also nice: 17″ display, 160GB HDD and so on. […]