KINGMAX Debuts “The World’s Smallest Flash Drive”

March 15, 2007 by zac439 | Leave a Comment

Weighing in at a mere gram, KINGMAX’s new USB is sure to stun the competition. They claim on their website that they have ‘probably’ created “The Wold’s Smallest Flash Drive”. It seems KINGMAX hasn’t done their homework, as Sony has released an even smaller USB drive almost 3 times as small as KINGMAX’s. Still, the […]


Doggy Drive the Memory Stick.

March 5, 2007 by davidallen | 6 Comments

Those guys at Solid Alliance must have some weird dreams sometimes in order to come up with the ideas that they do, for technology based devices. The next one to hit the market is the Doggy Drive, this bone shaped flash drive comes in a variety of colors which make the product even more strange, […]


Mimobots are coming

February 21, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

No this is not an invasion, but a really range of flash drives or portable storage devices if you prefer, but with a difference, they are modeled on toys, or the toys that are electrical devices, not quite sure which one it is, I believe that the company describes themselves as a designer toy studio […]


Iogear USB Pocket SD, Reader and Writer.

February 19, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment

This card reader is really great, it enables you to read cards that have been used previously and maybe left in a draw or from a camera, PDA or Phone that no longer works, with the Iogear card reader you can once again have a look on what is on those old memory cards. This […]


USB Flash Drive that gives off a nice scent

February 16, 2007 by davidallen | 2 Comments

When you are stuck in a room for hours on end it can become a little stale, so one thing that can cheer the room up is the Scented USB Flash Drive. The Flash Drive is the same as any other Flash Drive, it comes in different sized memory from 128 MB to 1 GB, […]


Jumpdrive Mercury coming at you

February 3, 2007 by onlineexperts | Leave a Comment

Jumpdrive Mercury, the much acclaimed USB flash drive, is now shipping according to Lexar. This flash drive packs oodles of features including an e-ink display on top where you can see the remaining capacity instantly, Lexar’s Secure II encryption-tools software which lets you create password-protected partitions, PowerToGo software platform pre-loaded into the drive which works […]


Disgo Flash Drive with Oxford English Dictionary

January 29, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

We all find that occasionally we are lost for words, it maybe that we are working on a train or plane, somewhere away from the office, yet that report still needs to be completed and of course there is no wireless internet available. I think we can all say that we have been there and […]