Emergency mobile phone charger

February 16, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment

We have seen quite few of these emergency mobile phone chargers come and go, yet this one looks to be more promising than the others, as it small, neat and you only need a single AA battery to power it, but even if the battery has little or no power, you will still be able […]


iPod Shuffle Charger

February 4, 2007 by poeloq | 5 Comments

Charging by USB is not only slow but also not always possible: you might not be able to always take your computer/laptop with you or don’t even want to. So how exactly do you charge that Apple iPod Shuffle on the road without having an USB port available? This little wall-wart charger from DLO, the […]


DIY #4: USB AA NiMH/NiCd charger

February 1, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment

In one of our previous DIY projects I already mentioned how much I dislike cables, because of the amount us gadget lovers carry around with us. One of the worst, even if cable-less, things must be my AA charger: it is bulky (they tried to make it look nice and gave it a rounded design) […]


New batteries designed for laptops

January 31, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

It had been headline news, the case of the exploding laptop batteries, where they would over heat and if not turned off or better still taken out of the laptop all together, then these batteries were likely to over heat and in some cases explode causes serious or permanent damage to the laptop itself, so […]


Motorola Pedal Charger

January 26, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment

For those of you who like the mix between exercising and technology can now “paddle” at rest! Earlier this month at CES, Motorola showcased the upcoming Motorola pedal charger. Now, more pictures of the charger has been released. Your Motorola cell phone is actually supposed to be charged by the energy you use while pedaling. […]


Daily DIY Gadget #2: Chargerbox

January 18, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

It is near to impossible to ever see my desk tidy, which is mainly due to the amount of cables that are clogging it: power cord for the notebook, LAN cable, iPod USB cable, digital camera USB cable, audio cables (about 5), 3 telephone cables, webcam cable, headset cable, … and chargers. I have a […]