SNES Controller > Wiimote For Some.

March 3, 2007 by Static | 4 Comments

If you are a retro game mania, you probably are not too fond of the whole Nintendo Wiimote thing where you fling your arms around. Not that I hate the Wii and the Wiimote idea, but I guess a modder known by the name of Raphael wasn’t too excited about the whole Wiimote business and […]


Wiimote Gun Mod for Wii.

February 3, 2007 by Static | 7 Comments

We’ve already seen people creatively modify their Wii controllers to mod it into a steering wheel. But with Wii, creativity never seems to stop; especially with its revolutionary controller. While a few may be modding their Wii controllers to a tennis racket or a golf club, now, even the Wiimote can be used as a […]