AMtek Vistagami: Pre-order price announced

March 6, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment

The AMtek’s T770 UMPC, which runs Microsoft Vista, has finally had it’s pre-oder price announced, and it is not all bad at starting at £599.99 ($1,170), which isn’t bad for the UK market. If you order now, you’ll get it at this price (instead of £679.99 ($1,326)) in April. [via Slashgear]


Sony Vaio UX1 UMPC: Too expensive?

February 1, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Sony’s UMPC. the Vaio UX1, has been the talk for a few days now, and to my surprise many have commented that it is “ugly”. Well, I actually like it: Sadly the Vaio UX1 and it’s 32GB of flash storage (instead of a HDD), 4.5″ widescreen touchscreen, 1GB RAM and all the other flash features […]


Samsung Q1 video

January 17, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Being a big fan of Samsung myself, owning a Samsung R40 notebook as well as a now redundant Samsung TFT, I really love there Q1 ultramobile PC. Hugo of Uber Tablet own one, for which I am sure many people envy him, and has created some nice videos which you should see to learn about […]