New 802.11n Wireless Technology introduced by Apple

January 17, 2007 by techbuzz | Leave a Comment

When on one hand the technological industry are involved in accusing Apple of being ‘notoriously litigious’ on the issue of applying its ‘legal sledgehammer’ against those people who are reporting cases of imitating its new iPhone screen, Apple on the other hand, seemed to be least bothered and kept itself busy in its works. This […]


Adobe releases security patches for Acrobat and Reader

January 11, 2007 by techbuzz | 1 Comment

Finally, to overcome the cross-site scripting flaw, Adobe Systems Inc. has come-up with security updates in versions 7.0.8 and earlier of its Adobe Reader and Acrobat software. The Reader flaw rated as “highly critical” could allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary JavaScript into a browser session. APSB07-01 Security Bulletin disclosed that the risky holes allow […]