Asus XG Station: External graphics for notebook gamers

March 7, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Good news for all student gamers or other notebook gamers: Asus has announced the Asus XG Station, which it will be bundling with PCIe cards and will enable you to use your laptops ExpressCard and a PCIe x16 slot to allow you to use this as an external graphics card. It also features a display, […]


CeBit Preview: Asus P526 PDA Phone

February 22, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment

And another from the CeBit previews: the Asus P526 PDA phone, which is to be released at the CeBit next month in Germany. The P526 will feature GSM, GPRS and EDGE for connectivity, a 2.6″ 65k color touchscreen and a 2 Megapixel camera for those all important snapshots. It also features built in GPS for […]


The Laptop made for Vista: Asus W5Fe

February 15, 2007 by davidallen | 2 Comments

With so many different features on Microsoft’s Vista, it is surprising to find a laptop that has actually been designed to incorporate the slideshow application part of the Vista program, this enables the laptop the show a separate slideshow on the back of the laptop, or the top of laptop depending on which way you […]


UPDATE: Asus P735 GPS Phone – No GPS!

January 28, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

We featured an article about the new ASUS P735 because of it’s GPS module, which now it seems not to have. According to many forums and news articles, the ASUS news release did not mention any GPS module. Sadly, this phone lost one of main features that turned it from a very interesting gadget to […]


Asus announce/launch three new products

January 19, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment

I subscribe to a total of roughly 1000 RSS feeds spanning many categories, including about 200 gadget feeds. Sadly, most of the incoming messages are not worthwhile reading and I run a filter once every hour or so to find interesting information without having to read on average roughly 5,000 articles a day. One key […]


Asus unveils new Asus-Lamborghini notebook

January 16, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Asus seem to be putting more effort into design and branding than in the hardware department, at least so it seems for their latest notebooks. At the end of October, 2006 they released two notebooks (the upgraded W6 and S6) but yesterday unveiled there new VX2: co-branded with no other than the luxury Italian car […]