Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Available Temporarily In Europe

August 17, 2011 by ArijitKRoul
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Following the lawsuit slapped on Samsung by Apple citing imitation of iPad design and elements, the device was banned in all parts of Europe barring the Netherlands. As per latest reports, the ban has been temporarily lifted and the device will be available for sale. However, the ban will still apply in Germany, although all other parts of Europe have been exempted from the ban. It is being expected that the ban will be partially reversed following the appeal by Samsung that is to take place next week. Samsung said that all measures will be taken to make the device accessible to all parts of Europe.

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Apple-Samsung War Continues

August 16, 2011 by ArijitKRoul
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Apple vs Samsung TabletApple and Samsung are still going strong at war. The latest allegation that Apple has made on Samsung is that its most popular and widely sold tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a copied design and closely resembles iPad. Apple has slapped a lawsuit asking for an order to stop the sale of this tablet. Apple has filed the lawsuit along with a lot of pictures of both the phones that depict striking similarities. However, the images, although similar are not identical. The dimensions differ and so do the placement of features. The difference is definite. Nevertheless, Apple has alleged that Samsung has “slavishly” imitated the designs of iPad.

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Apple Likely to Announce the Next iPhone on September 7

August 16, 2011 by ArijitKRoul
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New iPhoneWhile the world has heard enough rumors about the release of the next generation iPhone, there finally seems to be some solid news. According to a Japanese website, Apple has planned an event on September 7 and that will probably the day when announcement regarding the next generation phone will be made. The most awaited thing is the name of the phone, which is being debated to be between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Although the Japanese website has not confirmed queries about the news published on its page, the website is supposed to be very reliable. Following this news, there is a general consensus that an official announcement regarding the next iPhone will finally be made.

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HTC Ruby Have 1.5GHZ Dual-Core

August 15, 2011 by ArijitKRoul
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HTC RubyThe specs of HTC Ruby are out and they are revealed that the phone will carry a 1.5GHZ dual core processor.This android processor is supposed to be the fastest among all processors available today. In addition to the high power processor, the phone will also feature a 4.3 inch q-High definition display, dual camera with 2 megapixels at the back and 8 megapixels in the front and a RAM that is of 1GB. This phone, with all the features, is soon supposed to be released in the market although the date has not been announced as yet. The new phone by HTC will be named HTC Holiday and is likely to come out during the holiday season.

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The Best (wireless) Router and The Best Router Software/Firmware?

August 11, 2011 by admin
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Routers...After many years on internet and after connecting to net on many ways (dial-up/56k modem, 2.4GHz wireless, 5GHz wireless and now ADSL with IPTV) I have used many modems, many (wireless) routers and on most of them I changed many things, most of them come with some problem hardware or software and we must fix it if we want to use intenet or our home/business network without problems, without resetting your router every day, sometimes you only need to upgrade firmware to last version but sometimes you must search for alternative firmware (if that possible for your router)…

Some of popular alternative firmwares for routers like linksys and others that I used: dd-wrt, tomato, OpenWrt
Most of them working better and have more features than original firmwares but also sometimes I back to original firmware because working stable and dd-wrt don`t working stable for that router (for me), you must test many to find best available but you must know how to hard reset router, how to back original firmware if something go wrong!!!

» Continue reading The Best (wireless) Router and The Best Router Software/Firmware?

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The Best Image Hosting

May 29, 2011 by admin
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Today everybody need good image hosting service and also today exist thousands image hosting websites, some good but some of them very bad! You need image host if you want to share your photos with your friends, if you want to post some image on forums (if forum don`t allow you to upload your image),  if you want to share many images on your blog or website but you don`t have to pay for bandwidth or space on hard drive to your host….and many other reasons why you need good image hosting!

Because I using them every day I can recommend one to you and that is, some of reasons why I using this website:

– all working really fast
– they allow me to upload really large images, up to 10MB
– you can upload images on many ways: flash upload (you can select up to 100 images), remote upload, archive upload (zip, rar, tar, tar.gz), standard form upload
– all is really easy for use
– they will never delete your images
– you can upload legal adult images
– you can upload images without creating any account, anonymous, but if you create user account you can create photo albums, you can delete your images, always you can get links to your images…
– etc.

If you already using TurboImageHost Image Hosting service please write here your comments, what you thinking about them?

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Web proxy, anonymous visit websites, visit facebook from shcool!

March 15, 2011 by admin
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In some schools, some workplaces, college and also from some countries you can`t visit some websites because they are blocked, you can`t visit facebook, myspace, youtube, dating websites and many other but you need to know that exist simple way to bypass this limitations, you only need to use web proxy server and you can visit almost any website and also you can anonymous surf on all websites (website owners can`t see your real IP, your browser info and other private data on your PC) and all is free!

If you need to bypass firewalls in your school, workplace and government to visit facebook, myspace or youtube, you only need free proxy like

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The Best File Search Engines: RapidShare, MegaUpload, MediaFire, HotFile, FileServe

February 13, 2011 by admin
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Today everybody using free file hosting services like RapidShare, MegaUpload, MediaFire, HotFile etc. but when we must to find some file on internet that is not easy, exist many file search engines but many of them working very bad, if you need to find some files on this file hosting services you can use this file search engines:

RapidShare Search

MegaUpload Search

HotFile Search

MediaFire Search

FileServe Search

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EcoButton Will Save Your Money and Earth

April 24, 2008 by Wilson Pon
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Did you know?

Your home PC can be accumulated over half of the electricity used in your home. Even you just left your Pc’s monitor switched on for 8 hours, it still can use up to 10 times electricity of your home Television!

According to the American Energy Wastage recently survey, showed there are over 60 million home PCs all across the United States and 12 million of the PCs often left on overnight or even longer. Around 12 billion kWh of energy been wasted or equivalent to USD$1.2billion wasted only in United States each year! If we try to convert this waste into carbon, we will get about 42 million tonnes and the main causing is we left the computers and monitors keep switch on, either when we use it or not. » Continue reading EcoButton Will Save Your Money and Earth

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Is Mow Time Not Moo Time

April 23, 2008 by Wilson Pon
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Have you ever wondered that you can free yourself from the boring lawn mowing?

Go and figure out. If you spend two hours per week just to get your lawn mowed, you will at least wasted 104 hours per year for doing this weekly routine. Ok, if you have the alternative here, do you want to continue this boredom, or choose to free yourself to do other better things for your life?

LawnbottMost of the peoples have heard about Roomba, the cute and intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner. Now, let’s clapped your hands and give a big applause for this newcomer, Lawnbott the robotic lawn mower.

Thanks to the KA’s, Kyodo America for this cool and comprehensive invention. According to the KA’s, Lawnbott not only can save our precious time for the lawn mowing, but it’s also an eco-friendly product. With the totally zero emission of gases to the atmosphere, you are on your own way helping to reduce the global warming effect and qualified to be an eco-greener as well. Isn’t this awesome, » Continue reading Is Mow Time Not Moo Time

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WickedLasers Blu-ray Sonar Review

September 12, 2007 by Jabbran
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Right, after reviewing some of the other lasers that WickedLasers sells I think it’s about time I give you guys a review of their Blu-ray Sonar. I believe this is the first and only one to have ever been available to the public. And who better to provide us with it then WickedLasers. This being the first purple laser I have ever reviewed, I am very excited as I am sure you are as well. Anyway let’s move on to the review as I’m sure you’re anxious to read it.

Design – Presentation box

I’ve talked about the presentation box before so I’ll leave it out from now on. But the reason I am mentioning it is because » Continue reading WickedLasers Blu-ray Sonar Review

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Competition winners revealed!

September 7, 2007 by Jabbran
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Hey guys,

I sincerely apologise for the delay for the competition results. Any how the winners have now been chosen. We were overwhelmed with the amount of entries we received, it was a hard task choosing the winners! The results are below:

The first prize winner is Michael Atkins for his fantastic effort at drawing Megatron and a WickedLasers Spyder II. (One of my favourite lasers). Michael has won a WickedLasers Nexus, Wicked caps set, WickedLasers protective eye wear, WickedLasers t-shirt and a Dragoncase.

Second prize goes to Neil Smith who chose the name Solaris for a WickedLasers yellow laser series. Neil has won a WickedLasers 55mW Extreme, WickedLasers protective eye wear, WickedLasers t-shirt and a Dragoncase.

Finally the third prize which was drawn at random goes to Emma Greenford who has won a WickedLasers Core, WickedLasers protective eye wear and a Dragoncase.

Thanks to all those who have participated in this competition and Congratulations to the winners.

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TurboGadgets first competition, in association with WickedLasers.

August 13, 2007 by Jabbran
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We’re proud to announce TurboGadgets first competition. We have partnered up with WickedLasers to bring you a handful of great prizes to be won. The competition will start now and the closing date is the 30th of August. I will now tell you what you can win and how you can win it.

1st prize – WickedLasers Nexus, Wicked caps, WickedLasers protective eye wear, WickedLasers t-shirt and a Dragoncase. To win this top prize all entrants must hand draw either with a pen or pencil something which is related to the new movie Transformers and lasers (They can also be coloured only by hand). All entrants must email their pictures to

2nd prize – WickedLasers 55mW Extreme, WickedLasers protective eye wear, WickedLasers t-shirt and a Dragoncase. To win this prize all you have to do is think of a name to give to a yellow series laser if WickedLasers were to sell one. If more than one person has chosen the winning name then the first person to have sent the email would win the prize. All entrants must email their chosen name to

3rd prize – WickedLasers Core, WickedLasers protective eye wear and a Dragoncase. To win this prize all you need to do is email your name and address to and a winner will be chosen at random.

When emailing for a certain prize, please put what prize in the subject box, e.g. ‘1st prize’. If emailing for more than one prize then please put both or all three of the prizes’ in the subject e.g. ‘1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize’. The winners will be announced on the 5th of September. The 1st prize winner’s picture will be shown, the 2nd prize winner’s chosen name will be revealed and the 3rd lucky winner will also be revealed.

NOTE: You can only post 1 entry for each prize.

Thank you and good luck.

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