DIY at-Home Vasectomy Kit!

February 10, 2020 by admin | Leave a Comment

Who has money and free time for luxury services like high price in Hospital vasectomies? You can finish it in few minutes in privacy of your home!Use this “DIY Vasectomy Kit” to prank your boyfriend, husband or just friends. You can buy it at Amazon.


FileSonic Search Engine

November 29, 2011 by admin | Leave a Comment

FileSonic is one of most popular file hosts and many people using this file host but like on most other file hosts you can`t find hosted files, they don`t have file search feature! If you need to find some file on FileSonic file host this is best place to start, on FileSonicTrend you can find […]


The Best File Search Engines: RapidShare, MegaUpload, MediaFire, HotFile, FileServe

February 13, 2011 by admin | 2 Comments

Today everybody using free file hosting services like RapidShare, MegaUpload, MediaFire, HotFile etc. but when we must to find some file on internet that is not easy, exist many file search engines but many of them working very bad, if you need to find some files on this file hosting services you can use this […]


WickedLasers Blu-ray Sonar Review

September 12, 2007 by Jabbran | 8 Comments

Introduction Right, after reviewing some of the other lasers that WickedLasers sells I think it’s about time I give you guys a review of their Blu-ray Sonar. I believe this is the first and only one to have ever been available to the public. And who better to provide us with it then WickedLasers. This […]


Competition winners revealed!

September 7, 2007 by Jabbran | 5 Comments

Hey guys, I sincerely apologise for the delay for the competition results. Any how the winners have now been chosen. We were overwhelmed with the amount of entries we received, it was a hard task choosing the winners! The results are below: The first prize winner is Michael Atkins for his fantastic effort at drawing […]


TurboGadgets first competition, in association with WickedLasers.

August 13, 2007 by Jabbran | 3 Comments

We’re proud to announce TurboGadgets first competition. We have partnered up with WickedLasers to bring you a handful of great prizes to be won. The competition will start now and the closing date is the 30th of August. I will now tell you what you can win and how you can win it. 1st prize […]


Review: WickedLasers Evolution 125mW and Sport Elite Goggles

April 19, 2007 by Jabbran | 21 Comments

Introduction Everyone has heard of a laser pointer before. But when said, the first thing that may pop into their heads is a small gold coloured 1mW red laser pen. The days have gone where those were the only types of portable lasers available. Now the laser community is growing large and at a fast […]


Review: WickedLasers Pulsar 100mW and Sport Elite Goggles

April 7, 2007 by Jabbran | 5 Comments

Introduction Today, we will be looking at another high powered portable laser. Again, this is no toy by any means. The Pulsar series is a line of high powered red lasers put out by the reputable Wicked Lasers ( The Pulsar lasers are available in 75mW, 100mW and 125mW. We will be looking at the […]


The fatal exception – blue screen of death

March 7, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

Most of us may have seen this screen suddenly and for no apparent reason pop up right in front you, stopping everything that you are working on, or have worked on and foolishly not saved as you like to save them all at once and have nice and neat consecutive labels, it just really makes […]


Travel adapters by iGo everywhere

March 6, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment

There are some really annoying things about traveling around like the time spent hanging around etc, but the worst thing is when one of your gadgets battery runs out or is so low that you have to switch it if just to save the battery in case you will need it in an emergency. Well […]


Dogs Can Do ATM Now!

March 5, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment

A man’s best friend has done so many things in the past and has helped in so many ways that one could possibly think that it was a super natural animal. It is now a common sense that a dog can guide and assist those who are handicapped or do some very basic house works […]


IPTV World Forum: TurboGadgets will be blogging live!

February 28, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment

Good news just came in the form of a nice e-mail from IPTV World Forum: “[…]Thank you for registering as a visitor to attend the IPTV World Forum/The Connected Home and TV over Net.  Your registration has now been confirmed.[…]“ This means that TurboGadgets will be the first blog on the net to be covering […]


USB Air purifier – fake or real?

February 28, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment

This little USB gadget, which looks abouth the size of a normal USB key, supposedly cleans the air in it’s vicinity and purifies it from such evil things as cigarette smoke and even bacteria and viruses. If this is true and it really works, the Ionic Air Purifier would be the perfect gadget for non-smoking […]

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