Refurbished iPhones sold as new devices in China? Another trial for the Cupertino company!

September 1, 2011 by Chad Faith | Leave a Comment
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AppleApple has another new trial on their hands, after the attack from HTC, who faced them in court on the subject of patents. This time, the American company came under legal action due to the complaints from customers in China. They were unhappy that they have purchased refurbished iPhone units that were sold as brand new. Who wouldn’t be unhappy, right?

The problem here is not necessarily that the terminals aren’t good but the buyer has high expectations and hopes to receive its device directly from the factory. What is more, the biggest problem of the refurbished devices is the warranty which, as you can easily imagine, is much shorter compared to that of new products – less than one year. As a result, the idea of an anti Apple trial appeared when customers discovered that their refurbished iPhones’ warranties expire after one year after purchase.

Furthermore, things got worse when one of these unlucky customers went at the Apple Store to return the terminal. Then the employees, faced with the situation, tried to fool the client and change the expiry date of the warranty… after the scandal with the clones of Apple Stores, it seems that Apple can’t catch a break. The problems now come from an original Apple store in China and chances are that the local launch of the new iPhone will be delayed or even postponed. It seems like a logical answer to these kind of problems. One question remains though: is this problem caused by intermediaries or does it have its origins at Apple?

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