iPhone 5 – A dual mode world phone?

August 30, 2011 by Chad Faith | 2 Comments
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iPhone 5 dual modeAccess to both CDMA and GSM networks will be integrated into Apple’s upcoming hotly anticipated new gadget. According to a source of TechCrunch, the iPhone 5 will be able to operate on the majority of countries around the globe. Information from registration logs was reportedly pulled by an unidentified app developer. The interesting fact is that two different mobile network codes – MNC and MCC were unveiled by these registration logs. These codes belong to AT&T and Verizon and represent unique mobile network identifiers.

At the moment, both companies are being catered by Apple but the devices cannot function on each other’s networks. The CDMA standard is used by Verizon while the iPhone 4 of AT&T operates on the standard in Europe, the GSM network. Looking back, many rumors have popped up in the past about an Apple CDMA/GSM world phone but this function is present on Verizon’s iPhone. However, it is not activated. The Qualcomm MDM6600 chip is used by the device. Does it ring any bells? Of course it does because the Droid Pro world phone sports the exactly same chip.

So there is no LTE support? If the iPhone 5 will be a dual mode world phone, chances of this happening are high indeed. On the other hand, the MacRumors site tells us that a snippet of code that mentions LTE is contained by the latest developer builds of Apple’s iOS 5. Is Apple testing 4G internally? We can’t wait to find out as the October release date of the iPhone 5 draws nearer every day.

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  1. Victor Hugo Samaniego Zerna on August 30, 2011 14:29

    iPhone es muy bueno pero sería mucho mejor el IPHONE 5 si le ponen RADIO AM FM.

  2. cristian on September 13, 2011 01:18

    cuanto sale el iphon 5

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