The Best (wireless) Router and The Best Router Software/Firmware?

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Routers...After many years on internet and after connecting to net on many ways (dial-up/56k modem, 2.4GHz wireless, 5GHz wireless and now ADSL with IPTV) I have used many modems, many (wireless) routers and on most of them I changed many things, most of them come with some problem hardware or software and we must fix it if we want to use intenet or our home/business network without problems, without resetting your router every day, sometimes you only need to upgrade firmware to last version but sometimes you must search for alternative firmware (if that possible for your router)…

Some of popular alternative firmwares for routers like linksys and others that I used: dd-wrt, tomato, OpenWrt
Most of them working better and have more features than original firmwares but also sometimes I back to original firmware because working stable and dd-wrt don`t working stable for that router (for me), you must test many to find best available but you must know how to hard reset router, how to back original firmware if something go wrong!!!

In this moment for my home and business network I using:

– ADSL modem  THOMSON SpeedTouch ST585v6 with firmware, this is very old (used) but very stable adsl modem, a lot better than new chinese huawei that come to me from ISP, thomson come with very bad looking web gui and if you want to set some advanced options you must know CLI commands and that is reason why this modem is not good for most people and that is reason why this modem used few hours from me to set IPTV to work but after it all working many months without reboot!!!

pfsense router OS – because I need some advanced router with more cpu power and more memory I used my old desktop pc and pfsense router OS, this is very good router OS and all working very very stable and you can set almost anything that you need for your network and all is free…few times rebooted but reason for it can be in many things…this is very good option if you need more advanced router, more cpu power, more memory but if you don`t need it you must know that this router using more power (one more desktop pc working for this router), using more space etc.
Also, for this option you can test MikroTik router OS, not free like pfsense and not easy to set-up like pfsense but I heard good things about them…

– D-Link switches – I using few 10/100 d-link switches, nothing special but working stable, not like tp-link (many problems with some tp-link switches in past)

– ubiquity wireless routers – for wireless connection of my home and business office for business software and video/audio monitoring I using very good ubiquity wireless routers, in this moment NanoStation M5 (5GHz) and all working really stable, without any problem and I have over 100Mbps upload/downoad, that is really good and a lot better than what I get from tp-link, motorola (old router, not something like canopy), ovislink and some other wireless routers, with this routers I have almost every day reboot but in this moment I using 4 ubiquity nanostations in bridge mode and all working few months with 0% packet loss (tp-link support said to me that is normal that I have 2-3% packet loss), 0 reboots, full speed on all weather conditions etc., cost more than many others but also working better!

What I not used and what I want to test and use, that is MikroTik router OS and Cisco routers, I heard good things about them but I don`t have free time to test them….

Do you using some router, some switch, some modem, do you manage home or business network, how all working, please write comments with your story! Maybe you have some problem and maybe somebody (me) can help you here…

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