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April 24, 2008 by Wilson Pon | 3 Comments
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Did you know?

Your home PC can be accumulated over half of the electricity used in your home. Even you just left your Pc’s monitor switched on for 8 hours, it still can use up to 10 times electricity of your home Television!

According to the American Energy Wastage recently survey, showed there are over 60 million home PCs all across the United States and 12 million of the PCs often left on overnight or even longer. Around 12 billion kWh of energy been wasted or equivalent to USD$1.2billion wasted only in United States each year! If we try to convert this waste into carbon, we will get about 42 million tonnes and the main causing is we left the computers and monitors keep switch on, either when we use it or not.

For overcome this matter, an eco-friendly and energy saving product has born. This new product named ‘EcoButton’.


What so special about this Ecobutton and what can it do for you?

Well, this ecobutton is a piece of forest green plastic with illuminate USB that will act as a reminder. Every time, if the user wants to left the monitor, either for lunch, taking a break, left for meeting or doing any housework, they just need to give a press on it and the computer will automatically turn into energy saving ‘ecomode’.

If you the kind of person that always left the computer on for overnight, this ‘ecomode’ will help you to save at least USD$200 per year in electricity bills. Beside that, you also reduce at least 600kgs of CO2 emission each year. Try to imagine if hundred, thousand, or even million of computer users that uses this ‘ecobutton’, this will be a huge amount of electricity and money saving, yet the CO2 reducer as well.

Although this ‘ecobutton’ only available for PCs at this moment, but there will be more upcoming related products in the near future. With just a USD$12 only, you can make a big different not only for yourself but also for the Mother Nature as well.

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3 Comments so far

  1. Darren on April 24, 2008 14:22

    WoW, this definitely a great gadget, I will go and grab one for myself.

    Thanks for this cool information.


  2. Tom Schavo on August 1, 2008 09:53

    man thats a lot of electricity wasted. Guess its better to leave in the systems in sleep mode where the power also dies to some extent. that way we can save power. This device is good too.

  3. fairuz hafeez on August 1, 2008 18:20

    sumbody please tell me if this stuff more practical to use rather than just swicth off the monitor ?

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