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April 23, 2008 by Wilson Pon | 1 Comment
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Have you ever wondered that you can free yourself from the boring lawn mowing?

Go and figure out. If you spend two hours per week just to get your lawn mowed, you will at least wasted 104 hours per year for doing this weekly routine. Ok, if you have the alternative here, do you want to continue this boredom, or choose to free yourself to do other better things for your life?

LawnbottMost of the peoples have heard about Roomba, the cute and intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner. Now, let’s clapped your hands and give a big applause for this newcomer, Lawnbott the robotic lawn mower.

Thanks to the KA’s, Kyodo America for this cool and comprehensive invention. According to the KA’s, Lawnbott not only can save our precious time for the lawn mowing, but it’s also an eco-friendly product. With the totally zero emission of gases to the atmosphere, you are on your own way helping to reduce the global warming effect and qualified to be an eco-greener as well. Isn’t this awesome, where you can get your backyard grasses cut down, in the meanwhile help to prevent the global warming matter from being worse.

This creative and sophisticated Lwanbott will be your great money saver/savior as well. If you watching today daily news, the price of oil has reached over $119.74 per barrel, and the experts expect that this will on going to hit the $120 per barrel in the near future! Is totally a heavy burden for buying a gallon of oil for over $3.50 per gallon, but with the Lawnbott you can totally forget about it as this smart machine didn’t even need any oil to operate!
(Hehe, now you will have extra green bucks, go and spend these money whatever you want, isn’t this a bless for you here?)

Moreover, if you owning an old-fashioned lawn mower, you acquired to pay sums of maintenance fees just for the lawn mower, not even counted in those backyard waste pickup services yet. Well, I’m assumed you knew what I mean here, this will not only force you to pulls out the money from your pocket, but also wasting your time as well.

Did you know, why this Lawnbott becoming so popular after its first launching in United States? As an artificial intelligent lawn mower, this Lawnbott can generally maintain nearly four acres of lawn; its even can navigate to slopes up to 27 degree easily. (WoW, this really impressed, as I’m cannot do that in a long haul because is extremely exhausted…)

Lawnbott works automatically through its intelligent computer and a perimeter cable, where its will detect the signal transmitted from the perimeter cable that mainly located on the ground, executed and then defining the areas that need to be mowed. Furthermore, if you too lazy to set up the perimeter, this Lawnbott can still perform tremendously well as long as your backyard cover with fences over four inches tall or even more.

The Lawnbott will leave the docking charger and moves in a straight line when its first start up. If it bumps into a flowerpot or any obstacles, then it stop immediately, backs up, turning and takes off into a new direction. A height sensor has installed in every Lawnbott, means it will sense the height of the grassed first, before it starts to mow through it. This high tech feature will make sure each inch of the backyard’s grass situated in smooth and gorgeous eyesight.

When the Lawnbott’s batteries begin running low, it will follow the perimeter cable track then heading back to its docking charger and recharge automatically. After finishing recharging process, it will continue the unfinished lawn mowing.

You are worried that this Lawnbott will be stole by your wicked neighbors? Be steady as it included an on-board alarm that will effectively prevent your Lawnbott from being picked and ran. (Way to go; now you can have nice sleep every single night without worrying about your lawn mower…)

Final piece of words for Lawnbott, this truly an amazing, revolutionary yet eco-friendly product that not only save your money, but will also give you more times to spend with your family members, relatives and friends.

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  1. alexgan on April 25, 2008 09:17

    I’m never heard of this Lawnbott before…

    Might need to check it out at the site, thanks for this great article 🙂

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