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September 12, 2007 by Jabbran | 8 Comments
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Right, after reviewing some of the other lasers that WickedLasers sells I think it’s about time I give you guys a review of their Blu-ray Sonar. I believe this is the first and only one to have ever been available to the public. And who better to provide us with it then WickedLasers. This being the first purple laser I have ever reviewed, I am very excited as I am sure you are as well. Anyway let’s move on to the review as I’m sure you’re anxious to read it.

Design – Presentation box

I’ve talked about the presentation box before so I’ll leave it out from now on. But the reason I am mentioning it is because I would have thought that a laser as expensive as this one which is $1999.99 would come in its own special unique looking box but instead it comes in one of these.

Unfortunately WickedLasers haven’t yet made a custom presentation box for the Sonar. Currently all of their lasers come in this presentation box apart from the Spyder II series which cannot fit in it and the Executive series which has a smaller presentation box.. I sure hope the guys at WickedLasers can design a rather wonderful presentation box for this wonderful and unique laser pointer. However this presentation box is still a lot nicer then some of the other ones I have seen companies give out with their lasers. I’m sure in time WickedLasers will develop a new presentation box for the Blu-ray Sonar as they have done for the Executive series and Spyder II series.

Laser specifications

Name: Sonar Blu-ray
Size: 20mm x 123mm
Wavelength: 405nm
Laser body: 6061-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Transverse mode: TEM00
Output power: 20mW
Beam Divergence: 1.5mRad
Beam Diameter: 2.5mm @ aperture
Power consumption: 800mA
Power supply: 2xCR123A
Battery Lifetime: 60 min
Switch: Momentary On/Off Button
Expected Lifetime: >5,000 hours
Warranty: 3 months

Design – Blu-ray Sonar

The Blu-ray Sonar is truly one of a kind, it’s the only Blu-ray laser available on the market and its design is extra special. It’s made from Aircraft-Grade Aluminum. This means that it’s very light but at the same time very tough and you can certainly feel that when holding the Sonar.

The Blu-ray logo is clearly visible in this picture and personally I like the look of it. Wicked Lasers have designed it so that it fits in between the two grooves which have been beautifully made. The Blu-ray logo looks nice and has a nice neutral colour which doesn’t stand out too much or look out of place; it blends in nicely with the smooth shiny finish of the Sonar.

On the right you can see the aperture end of the Sonar. Unlike other lasers the surface of the end of the Sonar where the aperture is, is quite big. This is because the Sonar is quite wide, meaning it’s a little thicker then other lasers and I find this to be a good thing as it fits snuggly into your hand. Another thing to notice is that the Sonar doesn’t come labeled with a power reading, I like this because it keeps the laser looking nice and clean.

The grooves in the Blu-ray Sonar add a very nice neat little design to the whole thing and I believe it looks better like that then it would without them. Also these aren’t just some rugged edgy grooves like you see on some things. These have been done professionally and are very smooth and sleek looking.

On the other end of the Sonar (battery cap end) you can see WickedLasers logo on the laser in the same grayish colour as the rest of the logos. It looks nice and neat it blends in well with the Sonar’s sleek metal finish.

The Sonar also came with a small purple sticker on the front of the aperture. This is good because after testing the Sonar before sending it out they put this small purple sticker on the end of the aperture to protect it from any dust or other elements from getting in and harming the lens. It was also neat that the sticker matched the colour of the actual laser (purple).

Also something which I found was helpful was the fact that on the inside of the battery cap there is quite a strong long spring that makes sure that there is no reason the battery shouldn’t make perfect contact.

Overall I’d say the Sonar is by far one of the sleekest and sexiest lasers I have come across. It’s much smaller then what you’d expect looking from the pictures. It feels great in the palm of your hand!


Out of all the lasers this one was the least powerful I have ever tested for a review. However that did not put me off one bit as this laser was special because the colour of it is a deep violet and no other laser on the market can offer you that.

Unfortunately the testing was limited as I haven’t had a chance to get a fog machine to fully showcase the glory of this Sonar.

First things first, I turned it on and directed it at the wall and WOW. The colour is gorgeous; you have to experience it to know what it is like. It’s very weird, my eyes couldn’t focus on the dot because of the colour, and it’s unlike any other laser I’ve tried. The colour of this laser is actually purple/black light but sometimes it tricks your eyes and looks like a deep blue. It really impressed me and just showed how unique and wonderful the Sonar is.

When shining the Sonar I thought I wouldn’t be able to see the beam even under very dark conditions. However I was wrong, I saw the beam as I was looking down towards where the laser was pointing, in order to do this though, you must have quite dark conditions and a steady hand; I even saw the beam at more of an angle going across. I was impressed that I could see the beam as I really wasn’t expecting this.

The Blu-ray Sonar laser has a pulsed wave. For those of you who don’t know how to tell if your laser is a continuous wave or a pulsed wave, all you need to do is shine it at a wall or something back and forth and, if it’s a pulsed wave you’ll see a dotted line like the on of this Sonar to the left.. A reason why the Sonar is a pulsed wave could be because if it were a continuous wave then that could generate more heat but by making it a pulsed wave the temperature stays as low as possible and making the peak output of the laser as high as possible.

I now have a few pictures for you guys to view of this brilliant laser. The first picture shows the beautiful beam as it passes through steam from a kettle. In this picture you can really see the deep violet colour and just how it makes this laser stand out from the rest. The second picture on the right is one, taken by a member of Laser Community called fuzion. I chose to include this picture as I believe it shows the brilliant beam of the Sonar in all its glory and the passion of the laser enthusiast.




  • Design
  • Colour of the beam
  • Build quality
  • Rarity
  • Wow factor
  • Can make some objects fluoresce
  • Can be used as a powerful UV light
  • Will impress anyone!
  • Needs a unique case
  • Uses CR123a batteries (expensive)

Overall this laser is definitely one of my favorites because of its amazing design and stunning colour! Not only that but it’s compact and fits into my palm beautifully. If anyone has $1999.99 spare then this is the thing to buy! If you’re into gadgets then do not miss out on this baby especially if you like lasers!

By Jabbran

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8 Comments so far

  1. John-117 on September 12, 2007 23:44

    Nice, detailed review yet again. You have really got me into lasers. I am going to purchase a 55mW Advanced soon.

  2. '5 Grand' Sabba Styling' on September 13, 2007 00:06

    Wow, nice laser. I have seen a few green lasers before and the odd blue one, but not violet. I may just have to save up for one…

  3. Fuzion on September 13, 2007 05:51

    Great review turbogadgets as allways and yes it truely is a awsome laser i love mine too.


  4. lukey on October 19, 2007 22:28

    Man, you made me laugh! sure, purple laser, cool thing, but “anyone with $2000 to spare” will be able to think of 2000 better things to do with them.

  5. sexy shoes on January 14, 2008 07:14

    This one is the first purple laser i am seeing .The shiny metallic body is awesome and i think i may buy one after reading your review.Your review was exhaustive man,congrats!!!

  6. green laser pointers on September 2, 2008 14:47

    It looks awesome,but too expensive.

  7. green lasers on November 18, 2009 12:50

    I can’t afford wickedlaser’s product either.

  8. Lazer man 808 on September 25, 2010 07:59

    How much does it frickin cost in english money !!???

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