Review: WickedLasers Evolution 125mW and Sport Elite Goggles

April 19, 2007 by Jabbran | 21 Comments
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Everyone has heard of a laser pointer before. But when said, the first thing that may pop into their heads is a small gold coloured 1mW red laser pen. The days have gone where those were the only types of portable lasers available. Now the laser community is growing large and at a fast rate. Why you ask? Well because these new types of lasers are not only green but can also melt plastic, burn material, pop balloons and even light a match!

So today we will be looking at a highly powerful portable laser; this is not a toy by any means. The Evolution series is a new series of lasers offered by the well known company WickedLasers from The Evolution series can be found in many different power outputs which are between 15mW and 125mW. We are lucky to be testing the 125mW Evo as they like to call it in the laser community and the 532nm Green LaserShades which are currently included with every purchase of the Evo range.

WickedLasers Evolution 125mW

Design – New presentation box
Firstly I will start this review by mentioning that WickedLasers have reinvented the box the laser pointer comes in. The old box was small and a bit thin and didn’t protect the laser too well although it did look nice as you can see from below.

WickedLasers Evolution New Presentation Box

The new box however is a lot larger and the reason for the size is because of all the protection it gives the laser it houses, through its firm foam which the laser securely fits into. The box is also more professional looking and has a larger image on the front. It also has two magnets which help close the box. I believe the new box does justice as a place to put your laser.

Laser BoxLaser Box
Laser Specifications

Name: Evolution Series
Size: 13x143mm
Wavelength: 532nm
Laser Body: Aircraft Grade Polished Aluminum
Transverse Mode: TEM00
Output Power: 125mW
Beam Divergence:
Beam Diameter: 0.8 mm @ aperture
Power Consumption: 600mA
Power Supply: 2 X AAA 1.5V
Battery Lifetime: 90 min
Switch: Momentary On/Off Button

Design – Evolution series laser
The Evolution series has an entirely new design, it is made from aircraft grade polished aluminum which means that it is extremely light. In fact when I held it, it felt almost like there was nothing in my hand; it is by far the lightest laser pointer out on the market! Below is a picture comparing the Evo’s size to other lasers which WickedLasers also sell.

Design - Evolution series laser

The aluminum finish really gives it a solid look and it feels even better to hold in the palm of your hand, it feels very rock solid and well constructed, almost so that you think you can hit someone with it (not recommended)!

Design - Evolution series laser

You can also see on the new design the cut along the body of the laser where the company name WickedLasers is printed on. This looks very sleek and stylish, better then having the company name written all over the laser as I’ve seen in some companies do in the past. You can also see a line etched out of the circumference of the laser, this too makes it look very sleek and stylish. The part of the laser where your palm would touch the body has a knurled surface texture to give it an awesome effect and most importantly for better grip. The battery cap has been made so that you can easily screw/unscrew it and it has a neat little pattern on top which I believe to be a dot of a laser. The button to turn on the laser is almost on level with the lasers body making it hard to be pressed if the laser pointer were in your pocket or bag. This is good as you do not want your battery being wasted through the button being pressed unnecessarily. However at the same time it is difficult to hold in the button whilst moving the laser around as your finger may ease off the button due to it being on level with the Evo’s body.

Design - WickedLasers Evolution series laser

Overall the build quality of the Evolution series is extremely good, made of solid aluminum it is very light but at the same time very tough.

The Evolution series is specifically made for its burning power which means over the distance the beam will get larger then a beam would of an Executive series. However from the tests you will find out how it performed. So to start off the testing I will tell you the output readings I got from this model and they are as follows: –

Minimum output power: 118mW
Maximum output power: 143mW
Average output power: 129mW

As you can see from the above results the Evolution 125mW stays at a steady output power of 129mW which is more then what you paid for! This goes to show the build quality that goes into this product and also the quality of the crystals used.

I then moved on to test the beam in dark conditions outside, looking over a park to see how far the beam could go and also how visible it was. Well all I can say is for this matter is that the beam went as far as my eye could see, even when I pointed the Evo into the clouds I can clearly see the dot hitting the clouds! Not many lasers can do that! I then attempted to hit some apartments approximately two miles from my location and as you can see from the images below it hit them very easily! This was truly incredible; the laser came to life in the darkness of night. To the naked eye all you can see is a very strong green beam being projected into the air by a small device, it really is mind blowing.


Now moving on to the burning power of this beauty, well all I can say is once I pressed the button and put that poor little balloon in front, all I heard from then on were the cries from the balloon which sounds like POP!!! The poor balloon had no chance.

Since the balloon popping task was way too easy for this beast I decided to let it take a tougher challenge, to see if it could burn/smoke different things. The first thing I chose to burn/smoke was some black tape that I saw lying around. Once I turned the Evo 125mW on, almost immediately the tape started to smoke, I could even smell the smoke and watch the tape being burned as I stand there with joy holding down the button of this beauty.

Laser testThe next test for this bad boy was to see if it could light a match without using a lens as many other lasers need them. So I put the match into position and turned on the Evo from about 1 foot away and almost instantly the match ignited into flames. This was by far the most exciting test and the one I had most fun doing.


Advantages Disadvantages
  • Burning power is excellent
  • Every model includes safety goggles
  • Build quality is excellent
  • It looks great, it feels great
  • Not so great over long distances
  • Not so cheap
  • Doesn’t fit in the WickedLasers Dragoncase

Overall all I can say is that I am satisfied with the product and it performs brilliantly, it does everything WickedLasers states a laser such as this can do. There is no going wrong with this laser. Its build quality is excellent and its burning power is the best I’ve seen on any laser. If you love your lasers as much as I do then this is a must buy!

Design – Green LaserShades
goggles case The goggles came in a very smart, sleek looking case which is actually smaller then the other goggles cases’. It is finished off in black with the WickedLasers logo on top; this is very nice as it matches the box which the laser comes in. Note that there is a zip which holds the case together which is almost right around the case; this is a very good feature as It holds the case together firmly and it is built very well and will not come apart as I’ve seen some cheap cases do.

Inside the case are the orange coloured 532nm goggles. As you can see these are a new range of goggles which WickedLasers sells for only $39.99. These particular ranges of goggles look more of a lab type and yet it also looks cool at the same time. The arms of the goggles are built so that you can make them longer or shorter depending on your preference which is a neat little thing WickedLasers has done. They are comfortable to wear and most of the time you don’t notice that your wearing it apart from you seeing orange everywhere.

Inside the package you also receive a neat little cloth with a lovely pattern to clean your goggles incase they may get dirty somehow. You also get a elastic necklace so that your can fix it to your goggles and then rest it around your neck, preventing you from having to put your goggles down every time you’re not using them.

Green LaserShades Goggles

The reason why these goggles are orange is because they are purposely built to protect our sensitive eyes from light emitting from a green laser. They can protect against 532nm wavelength of light.

Green LaserShades Goggles Green LaserShades Goggles

The first way in which to test these new goggles was to shine the laser beam directly into them without wearing them of course. As I done this I could see the laser beam bounce back at an angle which goes to show just how amazingly protective these goggles are. I then wore the goggles whilst shining the laser around and all I could see was a tiny dot from the laser hitting the surface which it shined upon. I could not believe how much light these goggles actually cut out. From doing that I then thought this is a great opportunity to burn, melt and light matches with from close range. It was perfect as all I can see was a tiny dot of the laser and I can aim at my target perfect at such close range whilst protecting my eyes against the emitting light and any reflections. These particular types of goggles have a panel on the side so it protects against any reflections that may come from any directions.


Advantages Disadvantages
  • Protects your eyes very well
  • Comes in a smaller case
  • Free with any Evo laser
  • Adjustable
  • Well built
  • Only $39.99 separately
  • Look slightly like lab goggles
  • A bit bigger then the other range

Overall I think these goggles are excellent, if you’re into burning, melting, popping or lighting then I believe it is essential you have goggles such as these, especially if you value your eyes and want to do those things close up. Paying $39.99 is nothing if you want your eyes protected with a good quality product such as this. If you’re considering buying a green laser pointer from anywhere then I suggest purchasing one of these as well.

By Jabbran

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21 Comments so far

  1. Amy on May 18, 2007 06:24

    Yeah, you protected your own eyes but what about the eyes of the people in the apartment you fired at? You don’t even seem to care about the other people around you with that thing.

  2. Jabbran on May 20, 2007 22:12

    Dear Amy

    I’m sorry to have not mentioned this in the review, I shined the laser at the apartments because they were newly built and had no one in them, they were about 3/4 built and it was at night so I am quite confident to say that there wasn’t anyone in them.

    Best Regards,

  3. Amy on May 21, 2007 17:37

    Sorry for getting upset, but I’m kind of a safety nazi ^_^

  4. metakim on June 18, 2007 23:33

    damn nazi’s lol

  5. James Jerreau on June 23, 2007 03:45

    Unless you actually went and looked into the apartments, and posted security guards afterwards, you WEREN’T that sure there actually wasn’t anyone in there. You were either guessing or delusional. Or you just don’t give a shit about the kind of people (inspectors, homeless, exploring kids, police) who might be in them.

  6. Jabbran on June 23, 2007 15:21

    Dear James,

    I had a pair of binoculars with me to check before I started and I had someone with me to look through them the whole time the laser was projected at the flats. Also by the flats it said work hours are 7am – 6pm. Thank you.

  7. E-King on June 23, 2007 22:52


    Although I am not keeper or otherwise afilliated with this web site or project, you should get your facts straight before you criticize someone’s project. Especially with vulgar language. Being a former webmaster, I would ask, that in respect for “Jabbran” and the website, you not post with vulgar language or unbased criticism.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Great product. I’m looking into getting one myself.

  8. Chris on July 4, 2007 15:03

    Hmm. Personally I don’t care what you do, but these are pretty dangerous devices and cause damage to someones eye extremely quickly.. and permanently.

    Perhaps you did check these apartments out earlier, and you did read that they were closed at night, and they are really still unfinished, and you also had a person monitoring them with you at all times…. 🙂

    Regardless, they way you wrote the article might be looked at as an endorsement by you and your website to use these products this way.

    Perhaps if a guy walked out of his home and shined the laser at night in the direction of your parents house, and it happened to hit your mums eye.. for say a second.

  9. SON on July 6, 2007 16:03

    well these are very dangerous devices if they are publicly used, they should be prohibited or limited to certain necessary uses by law

  10. J3K on July 9, 2007 12:19

    The goggles are a bit BIGGER as a disadvantage? DO YOU NOT VALUE YOUR EYESIGHT!~

  11. Sol on July 12, 2007 16:20

    About safety,

    These apartments were 2 miles away so even if there were people inside it would not have harmed more than a regular flashlight from a photo camera on this distance.
    Altough they would be blinded for a few seconds no damage is done.

  12. Dan on July 26, 2007 18:54

    This laser craze is stupid and dangerous! Instant blindness available to anyone. These are as bad as a gun and should be banned.

  13. William on August 6, 2007 02:10

    “Dan on July 26, 2007 6:54 pm

    This laser craze is stupid and dangerous! Instant blindness available to anyone. These are as bad as a gun and should be banned.” Are you really that stupid? First off its a quite expensive device and isn’t exactly available to anyone. Second of all I would think that no one would be stupid enough to blind someone with this, do you know how much you can get sued for AND put in jail if you were to do that. Just like a gun they should not be banned. And just like a gun, 99.5% of people will us them in a responsible way. Do some thinking before you post stupid comments like the one you just posted. It just makes you sound ignorant and sensationalist when you say it should be banned.

  14. Ryan on August 26, 2007 19:15

    And yet they sell Gin and the liquor store… Im also sure that a misdirected spray of the lysol lying around the house could give the same results if in the wrong hands… why not go around lambasting everything that poses a threat and just ban it all? I will tell you why: because we would get pretty bored sitting around crocheting scarves and knitting socks, allthough i am sure some of us would still manage to poke the knitting needles right in sombodys eye, if not their own! Im not really taking sides, I just enjoy the debate. Please dont shine a laser in my eye!

  15. John on August 30, 2007 02:16

    puh-leeze Dan. By banning things you are just taking things away from law abiding citizens. Banning things does nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns or lasers or anything that they use to do their crime. And since you are ban happy, then why don’t you ban motor vehicles because they cause much death than guns or lasers. Might as well ban steak knives too, they are muggers choice weapon. You are just a small and frightened man that would prefer to live in a bubble.

  16. C.Mitra on September 4, 2007 14:57

    “William on August 6, 2007 2:10 am”
    Before calling anyone stupid, pause and consider the idiotic reasons you have been advocating for not banning something as dangerous as the 125mW lasers. Firstly a laser is not the same as a gun. It is difficult to obtain a gun, it requires a license to keep, and is much more expensive than a laser pointer. It is heavy, needs to be loaded with bullets before use. Not so the laser! It is much cheaper, available in general stores, does not require bullets or any kind of projectiles. So any misguided teenager can save some chips and buy one. Just place a battery inside and you are ready to fire! “And just like a gun, 99.5% of people will us them in a responsible way” Out of those 99.5% users, I am sure 90% will be school kids and teenagers; and how responsible they are is any body’s guess. Dan is absolutely right in his views, a high power laser is as dangerous as a gun. It is silent, deadly if used for harm, requires only one battery cell to operate, and yet can blind a person, light a fire or burn down objects. And you still call it a safe gadget? Now who do you think is stupid? People like you always fight tooth and nail against any kind of ban for obvious reasons.
    Another fellow by the name of Ryan has been talking about misdirected sprays of Lyzol! Is carrying a small and handy laser pointer in your pocket same as carrying a can of Lyzol? How stupid can one become? Children and teenagers do not play around with cans of Lyzol, my dear Ryan.
    And that bloke John says “Banning things does nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns or lasers or anything that they use to do their crime”. So why ban guns and ammunitions at all. His so called law abiding citizens should have free access to guns, rifles, bullets, machine guns, rocket launchers, tanks etc. etc. After all, we law abiding citizens are going to use these stuff very responsibly, are we not? So according to him, we should NOT BAN ANYTHING in this world, since criminals can always get hold of what they want no matter what you do!!
    Finally, I fully agree with Dan. The low power lasers, around 1mW, are safe enough to be sold freely as toys or pointers, but the higher powered ones capable of causing damage MUST be regulated in their sale and availability.

  17. ML on October 8, 2007 21:33

    A laser (especially the evolution laser) pointed at a house two miles a way will not under any circumstances damage anyones eyes. The beam will be too unfocused and will look about the size of a minivan.

  18. USA on November 28, 2007 22:57

    Those of you who feel that banning high powered lasers somehow infringes on your rights remind me of the NRA (National Rifle Association) nuts we have over in the US who think everyone should be allowed to own high-powered assault rifles.

    Seriously, avoiding selling these things (the laser… but also the assault rifles I suppose) to 12 year-old is just common sense.

  19. Peter on December 3, 2007 10:33

    With $700 for 150mW, you are better of with the Spartan from

    For ps3 fans who know nothing about halo 3, the spartan is a favorite of master cheif.

  20. Amos Chipotle on May 17, 2008 09:23

    For God’s sake!!! Laser pointers such as this should be made available to everyone. Even spider monkeys could put them to good use! I cook food with them. I own 14.

  21. victor Navarrete on January 3, 2009 03:12

    were can i but one

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