Review: WickedLasers Evolution 125mW and Sport Elite Goggles

April 19, 2007 by Jabbran | 21 Comments

Introduction Everyone has heard of a laser pointer before. But when said, the first thing that may pop into their heads is a small gold coloured 1mW red laser pen. The days have gone where those were the only types of portable lasers available. Now the laser community is growing large and at a fast […]


Sony show off the OLED 11 inch screen TV

April 12, 2007 by davidallen | 9 Comments

Sony appear to upping their game these days, it was not that long ago when to mention the name Sony was normally follwed by a laugh or two, but it has to be said that recently they have been coming out with some really cool stuff and the OLED TV’s are no exception, due to […]


Solar energy direct from satellites

April 12, 2007 by davidallen | 16 Comments

The green machine moves in mysterious ways these days, wind power, wave power and now solar power, of course there is nothing new about solar power, we all know that it does not work, if you want to power a calculator then that is fine, but anything substantial like a light bulb of heating then […]


3G for the LG Shine

April 12, 2007 by davidallen | 3 Comments

It has to be one of the best handsets around at the moment, the LG shine with its super large screen was launched earlier this year to much appraisal, it even picked up an award at the Shiny awards for Best Fashion Mobile Award, which is pretty good for a new phone. Now to make […]


Review: WickedLasers Pulsar 100mW and Sport Elite Goggles

April 7, 2007 by Jabbran | 5 Comments

Introduction Today, we will be looking at another high powered portable laser. Again, this is no toy by any means. The Pulsar series is a line of high powered red lasers put out by the reputable Wicked Lasers ( The Pulsar lasers are available in 75mW, 100mW and 125mW. We will be looking at the […]