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March 25, 2007 by Abhinav Kaiser | 25 Comments
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Million Dollar Laptop via Gizmag

Rich people need laptops that match their class. They aren’t well off with a Sony or an Apple. They need laptops that are embedded with expensive jewelry to showcase their opulence. Luvaglio, a luxury goods creator has created the laptop which would cost in the range of millions of dollars.

The million dollar laptop has a 17” LCD anti-reflective screen, 128GB solid state disk space and a slot loading blue ray drive. Each laptop comes with a unique diamond which acts as the power button for the laptop. As each diamond is unique, it also acts a security feature in identification. The complete specifications of the laptop are not made known yet. Can we expect a million dollar cell phone from Luvaglio next?

via Gizmag

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25 Comments so far

  1. Francisco on March 28, 2007 23:55

    Pitfull… So many humans diyeng of starvation on africa and still peapple buy those things…
    (sry bad english)

  2. lol on March 31, 2007 18:43

    They’re starving in africa over diamonds even.

  3. Manny on April 10, 2007 21:56

    There really is no point in this. It’s just so rich people can show off how rich they are in yet another way…as if a regular laptop isn’t enough for them.

  4. SoulKeeper on April 17, 2007 04:11

    Stupid… Pitfull… Foolish…

    A regular laptop isn’t enough for them… ( Manny )

    A Diamond as the Power Button….. ….

  5. alCheMist on April 17, 2007 17:24

    this is insane man!!! a MIL $ laptop!!! rich peoples nowaday
    must have DIAMONDS or other gemstone in almost ALL of their gadgets oh!!! Well that’s a way they want to show us the POWER of MONEY i guess…..hmmmmm… mcm2 ja..

  6. Boys like a star (BlueBox) on May 1, 2007 00:00

    This is not right for anyone to have such a thing….while kids die the Africa these RICH mothers have to have this laptop.So KIDS DIE WHILE SOME RICH GUY GETS HIM SELF A NICE COMPUTER TO ENJOY HIS PORN ON

  7. metakim on June 18, 2007 00:07

    not that i disagree with you on these things being stupid, but what does a rich person buying a laptop have to do with poor folks? do you think that any extra income you get should go to africa or something? billions of £’s are given to africa but most is lost in corrupt officials and govts. if you wanna help the starvin folks, just take down corupt govts. hell if i had the money i’d spend it on crap i dont really need (not silly laptops tho, just cars and lots of anime dvd’s)

  8. jorge on June 18, 2007 04:46

    laptops with diamonds rich people are fool a diamond laptop won’t make them different.

  9. sofia on July 5, 2007 02:37

    idot why would any body by a diamon labtop don’t you need like 10 guard just to proctect it.

  10. mecklia on August 2, 2007 21:25

    It is not about BEING rich or poor, but about the ATTITUDES that many rich people have about other people.

    Sad to say, but rich people get rich by having the attitude of preying on other people. That is the free enterprise where people get rich by concentrating the wealth in the hands of the few.

    You can tell free enterprise system is working in America. In the 1980’s, the top 5 percent of Americans owned about 20 percent of the american demographic wealth. In 2006, the top 5 percent owned about 60 percent by one news media research estimate. Of course, that means the other 95 percent have to make their personal fortunes out of what is leftover.

    You can see the changes. The unemployment rate is low, but the types of jobs available have much lower pay or reduced benefits as compared to the 1980’s. This is commensurate with the change from 20% to 60%. Other things have changed accordingly as well.

  11. Evras on August 5, 2007 20:46

    LOL – Laptop + Shiny stones = 1mill??
    Haha, how come rich people is rich when they buy theese kind of useless things?

    What are diamonds worth anyway? It’s just a shiny stone. Yeah, it’s hard as hell, but you cannot serusly mean that you shall use the laptop as an armor or weapon?

    Diamonds are no worth for me. It’s a stone, and this is not the stoneage, so live now cavemens – LOL

  12. mreh on August 11, 2007 16:03

    You guys are making way too much a a big deal about this, it’s their money they can choose how to spend it in any way. Sure it may be ridiculous and seems really condescending to normies like us but hey, they’re wasting their money on something that will be completely obsolete in a couple of years. Then they’ll have an outdated million dollar paperweight. ;D

  13. Sean on August 27, 2007 05:04

    Well if you did have one of these you could carry it in one of the Anti-Theft Laptop cases made by pacsafe, at least then it wouldnt get stolen


  14. Alex on October 29, 2007 11:04

    Let the company sell this product ensuring the public that a persentage of the profits are send to child help foundations in Africa. That seens to be what people are attacking the companty over.

  15. me on November 12, 2007 00:55

    sweet im going to get this right now

  16. Cal J on December 6, 2007 00:07

    Could you give me a free laptop

  17. Sick and tired of critics on December 11, 2007 17:22

    None of the comments posted here is relevant to any cause or even informative for that matter. These comments reflect the ignorant and primitive mindstate of human beings’ unjustifiable urges to judge someone based on means other than their have meeting that person. To everyone that posted these repugnant comments about rich or poor people should avoid falling into the retrograde, judgemental mediocrity of common human intellect. In other words dont just talk about it be about it. If you feel that rich people unfairly control the wealth of the nations why dont you do something about it. If you feel that Africans are starving why dont you give out your extra cash to help out, instead of buying unnecessary indulgences like alcohol or videogames. Most of the time people are wealthy because they have created something that the mass population needs or enjoys. So if they prey on people to get rich i guess William Gates is the biggest predator in the world. Oh, by the way, he did create a company called microsoft and his creation made it possible to post these comments. DONT JUST TALK THE TALK BUT WALK THE WALK. One last thing before I sign off. Just as you may think a rich person is stupid for buying a million dollar laptop I bet hungry children in Africa think you are stupid for buying a 300 dollar iPod. Lets put things in perspective.

  18. FrostyJewellery on December 20, 2007 04:26

    wow, thats insane!!! who has that money? Dimaond jewelry

  19. Khurt L Williams on December 27, 2007 14:52

    A first rate million dollar laptop running a 2 bit OS: Windows. Priceless!!!!

  20. Coated on February 27, 2008 06:23

    Wow.Don’t wanna say anything,but a lot of you are complaining about this thing lol.I actually think it’s a pretty sweet computer,hell,this is the perfect computer,my only question is does it come with a special charger? xD

  21. PITIPORN SINSUP on March 23, 2008 03:12

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  22. laptop on July 11, 2008 12:24

    Good toy 🙂
    it can have Screen with crystals Svarowsky 🙂


  23. Jeremy Clough » WOW, I thought my laptop was nice. But I guess I have something to strive for… on September 20, 2008 17:15

    […] Well it turns out there are makers of laptops for the super ueber rich who create diamond encrusted million dollar machines. Check out the fancy company called LUVAGLIO. I hope they at least show what they are making someday. You cant even see the laptops on the website and they don’t even have any specifications making them mysterious. I came across the company in this article here. […]

  24. wtf on October 22, 2008 18:32

    from my point of view this is just another stupid way for those retards to show that they have more money then the rest of us. they apparently like to spend it on stupid crap. they need to use their money to feed the starving kids in africa instead of buying useless junk.

    thanks for your time 🙂

  25. anto on January 31, 2010 12:03

    Money is not everything but everything needs money. This post should make us more motivated to think rich. Think positively to this article.

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