Buffalo – Power Line Networking Solution

March 25, 2007 by Abhinav Kaiser | 1 Comment
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Buffalo - Powerline Networking Adapter

There are some power (electric) companies in the US trying to send the cable signal through the electrical lines. The implementation is still in the observation stage. But, when it comes to running network signals through the electric lines, we have a proven gadget from Japan which has accomplished this feat.

Buffalo is a power line networking adapter designed and manufactured in Japan. Networking of computers could be established easily wherever the electrical lines are available. There is no need for new Ethernet cables to be laid out. It is obvious that wireless networking is taking over both by ease of installation and the low expenditure, but it has its own limitations. Wireless networking cannot reach certain areas in the house like the basement or the room situated in the remotest corner of the house. Buffalo would come in handy in these places.

Buffalo offers a maximum bandwidth of 190 Mbps. It is priced at $178 for the pair of base and one receiver. Additional receivers cost an extra $115. The price might seem expensive but it’s a one time investment and will come in handy at all times. It will be a good addition to any home network.

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  1. Texas Electric Companies on January 7, 2008 04:50

    There has been a stir of buzz about broadband internet over power lines for several years and actually some business men have even gone so far as to scam investors with this new technology that frankly many people just don’t know that much about. It’s good to see a product out in the market that works and does what it says instead of just hype. This particular product is a very reliable and has been tested in my own home with great results.

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