Gun Down the Alarm Clock

March 24, 2007 by Abhinav Kaiser | 4 Comments
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Gun Alarm Clock

The object I hate the most every morning of my life is the alarm clock. When it starts ringing at 7:30 in the morning every day, the only thing that goes in my head is to slam this ‘waking up machine’ against the wall or toss it out of the window. Practically it would be possible but financially it wouldn’t be a smart move.

Roger Ibars has designed a prototype which is a simple alarm clock fitted with an old gaming gun retrofitted with a few tilt switches. The alarm clock could be controlled by tilting the gun in different directions but the elating feature is that the alarm clock would be silenced by pulling the trigger. There is nothing more satisfying than pulling the trigger on the ‘thing’ that woke me up.

The gun operated alarm clock is still a concept and it would be a ‘must-have’ gadget in my bedroom if the concept is realized and produced.

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4 Comments so far

  1. Stefano on April 10, 2007 22:53

    everythink good

  2. Hunt Jason on April 11, 2007 19:21

    I don’t like this idea. We already live in a environment with violent TV, games, etc. I don’t want my kids to have a concept of “killing it if you do not like.” Alarm clock is your friend, not your enemy. Face it, it is your personal problem, stupid.

  3. Gadgets on October 2, 2007 10:34

    Well, looking at that picture kinda makes me wonder. When you wake up, you’re all mad because it rang, wouldn’t it be more easier just to yank the gun and smash the clock into the walls ? Because I don’t think the cord is too long and the clock just might come down.

  4. T. Ownerer on October 18, 2010 00:56

    @Hunt Jason

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