TV Enthusiasts, Take Those Ear Buds Out!

March 21, 2007 by zac439 | Leave a Comment
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TV volume regulatorOut of all the complaints an avid television watcher could have, extremely loud commercials are one of the most common. Some movies and television shows will sometimes have poor sound design- and have un-hearable talk scenes, but include action scenes moments later that are loud enough to make you cringe in pain.

So how do you remedy this natural disturbance? With a new innovation: the TV volume regulator. This device has a response time of about .02 seconds, and can regulate the volume of your TV to quiet the sudden action scenes, all while letting you still hear scenes with low sound volume.

At $50, it isn’t the most economical tech-buy. However, should you need this, it is a breeze to install- simply hook it into your TV as instructed in the easy to use manual. It will operate completely automatically- you will never have to adjust it once you have it working to your likings.

If you don’t mind getting keeping the remote handy during commercial breaks or movies with poor audio design, then you can skip this one. At $50, this is probably best suited for the ill-tempered and easily stressed. If you don’t have a remote, this could be a simple alternative as well.

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