GMail Storage Now Shows 5-Year Plan


GoogleWhen GMail hit the market in 2004, it became extremely popular from its viral marketing campaign. Since then, it has skyrocketed to success in the e-mail market. Now, they have arisen to the top of e-mail service providers from offering good service and a large storage space.How much is too much? Even with the multi-gigabyte storage capacity, people wanted more.

Google has recently released a 5 year plan on just how much space GMail will be getting. Currently, the storage is set at 2.8 GB. Through the months, it will arise a few hundred MB until it reaches a whopping 3.47 GB in just five years.

You are allowed to create more than one account- so Google has essentially become a storage device, in addition to e-mail services. It will be interesting to see what will happen in 10 years for Google, who offers this service completely free of charge.

Google Gmail


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