Micky Phone?!

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Micky Phone

We have the LG Prada phone. There are talks on possibly a Gucci phone. Now, what more brands do we need to see in our mobile phones? A Calvin Klein? A Cashmere?

Well, it seems we may just as well see Walt Disney’s most famous creation, the world’s most adored rodent – Micky – on our cellphones. Just like the Prada phone, this phone is actually named Micky. But what differentiates this gadget is that it was certainly not designed by Walt Disney, but actually by BMW in Munich Germany. It’s 10 mm thickness along with a 1.3 megapixel camera and the LG Chocolate phone-like touch sensitive buttons for navigation seems like a phone from the Far East rather than somewhere in the West, the phone as if it will be a pretty attractive gizmo for hardcore Micky addicts. The phone will also have a memory expandable Micro SD card slot along with an internal video and audio media players.

We’re not too sure if this is some official product from Walt Disney, as the phone seems to only implement a Micky background (according to the source’s pictures). If it truly were, I’m willing to make a few Micky backgrounds for those who aren’t willing to dish out the extra cash to have some default Micky background in it. 😉

[via PhoneDaily (chinese) and NewLaunches]

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