Sony’s Revolutionary Social Network

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Playstation Home

Could this be a new pull factor for the new Playstation 3?

has finally let the cat our of the bag with their new social network, Playstation Home. Playstation Home is like an online world, where you, the player, can do a variety of different actions, such as meeting other Playstation 3 members, hang-out, share files and get your own apartment and customize it to your liking!This really is the ultimate cyber social gathering!

As far as development is concerned, everything will be controlled by Sony to ensure that it remains a friendly place to be, you should also expect to see quite a few ads too.
Playstation Home is not yet released, it due for beta testing this year, around Autumn time. This is ambitious stuff and may finally provide Xbox Live with some real online competition, but who knows, they probaly have something coming too! We should also expect to see quite a few additions to Home as time goes by, new features, more customizing which ofcourse just makes it better. And it’s free too, which is always good.

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