PC in a Cat!


pussycat pc

Its a pretty neat little gadget, it combines a working PC, AI and for some odd reason an air freshener? –(Probably for all those cat dumps!) The PussyCat PC is actually an enterant in Microsoft’s IDSA PC Design Competition.

The PussyCat PC has two main modes:the PC mode – for all the PC related stuff, like surfing the internet, checking emails, viewing movies and more. Secondly, the PussyCat mode, where you can expect it to behave like a regular cyber kitty, which should include wandering around the house, using its built in AI for face recognition. Ofcourse its nothing like a regular living kitty, otherwise you can expect a lot more dumps behind the curtain and blanks until it wants food.

Apart from the impressive PC feature, it can also act as a home security system using video surveillance. Also, thanks to its glowing multi-colored little paws, theres not much chance kicking it during the night.

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