LG – The Worlds Thinnest CRT

March 10, 2007 by J1mmy | Leave a Comment
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LG CRTI’m sure one of the reasons why we have settled for a new TFT screen was becasue of its size. Well, though the new LG screen won’t threaten TFT sales, its definitely something worth considering in the future – especially if and when they release much larger versions than this 21-inch pictured here.

The LG 21FU1R has been given the title, ‘The Worlds Thinnest CRT’. Up close you may mistake it for a flap-panel, but it looks like CRT’s are back with a new look – well, this one anyway. It has the same stylish design as most of the TVs in their line up.

If you take a look behind it, it won’t be long until you’ll notice the big boot these CRT monitors carry. Though with a deflection angle of 120 degrees, LG is claiming it’s the slimmest CRT available. Still, a 21-inch screen is pretty small, so I’m not entirely sold just yet, no matter how much cheaper it is than a flat-panel TV.

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