3-2-1 Boom!

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“There’s only 1 minute left! Hurry!” “I can’t remember which one is the right one!” “Just pick any color!” “Red… blue… yellow… red… blue… yellow… I… I can’t remember which one is the one to deactivate it!”

Danger Bomb Clock

Get it now? This is probably one of the most cliché scenes ever in the history of movies. A typical bomb scene. One guy being the watchdog, the other one not able to decide which of the three wires are the right one to pull and deactivate the bomb to save the city or the nation. The thrill and the intensity definitely makes us, some mere movie audiences, start to sweat between our fingers.

Well, with the Danger Bomb Clock, you TOO can to some extent “feel” the same suspense! GeekStuff4U actually invented an original clock that you can serious wake up to. But it won’t be any ordinary bells ringing, but it’ll be the sound of a bomb exploding; that is if you choose the wrong wire. Every morning, you are faced to deactivate a bomb. Red, blue, yellow. Only one is the right one that will bring peace in your room while the other two will bring a cacophony to your morning, but in return wake you up substantially. After you pull one and whichever occurs, you will once again have to face the same “puzzle” the next morning.

The item will be in stock starting March 25, 2007 and will be on sale for $38.07.

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