Wake Up to a Music than a Bell!

March 8, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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Retro iPod Alarm ClockIf you are one of the many iPod owners scattered all over the world, how does this sound. Waking up to the tune of your favorite song rather than your mom or your spouse shouting at you that it is time to wake up? The Retro iPod alarm clock is exactly what will make this idea come into reality.

The alarm clock has an integrated system with the iPod itself so that instead of the loud, noisy, and such a vexing ringing sound, it will actually play your favorite play list, song, or whatever you feel like listening to instead of the annoying bells. The sound will swiftly come out of the carefully hidden 360° 3W omni speakers underneath the “fake” bells. Not only that, but it actually even has a snooze option if you feel like the song is kind of bugging you a bit too.

Probably not many will be with me on this one, but I think a good “Moon River” alarm with this dock or a alarm “clock” may be nice. After all, it only costs £39.95!

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