The fatal exception – blue screen of death

March 7, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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Most of us may have seen this screen suddenly and for no apparent reason pop up right in front you, stopping everything that you are working on, or have worked on and foolishly not saved as you like to save them all at once and have nice and neat consecutive labels, it just really makes you want to either cry or throw the computer out of the window, this is not recommended by the way!


But if you have seen the screen lived the nightmare, guess what? You can like many other things these days, now buy the T Shirt, and the sweat shirt, coffee mug and mouse pad, so as if the seeing the dreaded blue screen of death, is just not quite as exciting as you remember, you too can now have a good laugh at it. One day the blue screen will be replaced by something more civil, what’s wrong with a picture of Mr. Gates laughing at you, now that would be really upsetting wouldn’t it?

execpThe blue screen is personalized to you, as you can have your name or somebody else’s name entered onto the bottom where the line “Have a nice day, Bob!” appears, this is there just to rub it in on some unfortunate sole who has had the misfortune to have seen the blue screen. What a fantastic present this would make for anyone who has just had to go out and buy a new computer.

As for prices, and yes you really do have to pay for the privilege of wearing this, the T Shirt is around $19, the sweat shirt is around $28, the coffee mug is around $15 and finally the mouse mat is around $13, not much to pay for such a laugh or gloomy gift.

Product Page [Personalization Mall]

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