Next-gen Zune Coming in August?


Nothing has yet to be confirmed by an official Microsoft employee, but according to Gizmodo, it seems as if they “eavesdropped” on some Zune news.

In the Game Developers’ Conference 2007, according to Gizmodo, there has been some secret discussions going on relating the next generation of Zunes coming with gaming. Lately, with the Zune not really having much of a progress “forward,” there has been great discussion amongst Zune users on how Microsoft may be abandoning the project as they are not achieving the statistics that they were hoping for. But over at ZuneInsider, Cesar’s Zune release manager friend, James, have been quoted to have said, “We see Zune today as simply the baseline – not the endgame.”

With a release manager all of a sudden ananouncing that the Zune won’t be abandoneed and some rumors generating once again from yet another conference (GDC this time!) it makes me wonder what Zune news and surprises we may be facing in the upcoming months. A Zune flash version has been said to be released sometime near next Holidays, but will we see another hard drive or maybe an early flash version of the Zune in the wild?

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  1. I always wait for the next gen 2 come out before buying. Waiting for the next gen iPhone, 2.

  2. i’ve had a zune for almost a year…it’s been working pretty well…and it’s ok to travel with. i just wish that it could be smaller….ITS HUGE! even though it plays videos, shows pics,plays local radio, and u can listen to music…it’s too big.
    i also think that its a copy of the ipod! im not saying i dont like the zune….cause i do…but i wish it was smaller!

  3. I don’t really care what the size of it is, I just want them to move along with it already. I don’t want anymore to do with products stemming from an iSomething. I also hope someone comes out with a plugin for Winamp when it comes out too. No standard software for moi. It’s bad enough I had to put up with iTunes for a month.

  4. Well, I don’t have one of my own but i saw it with a friend and i think i prefer it better that the ipod. i like the size and the resolution is awesome.

    If they are going to add games to it, it would be really wonderful.Although am in Africa, i wish i could get one.

  5. Christmas 2007 has come and gone, with it we saw the release of the 2nd generation Zune MP3 player. Now you have a choice of either the first gen Zune 30GB player or either a 4GB, 8GB, or 80GB player.

    The new Zune with all it’s feature is strong competition for the iPod. Not to mention the fact you can now watch or download movies for your Zune.

  6. The Zune is just darn sexy… loved it the first time i saw it and i still don’t have one. Saving for it tho… in the mean time, anyone feeling generous. :-). Ok, seriously tho, the Zune is far better than the Ipod, its just awesome and different, cant go wrong with that combination.


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