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March 7, 2007 by davidallen | 5 Comments
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When you have been working at the computer for hours, it gets to the point where you either find yourself nodding off to sleep just at the same time as someone wants you for something or you get mind block where you find yourself struggling just to think about what to do next, never mind work on an important document or assignment, what you need in a case like this is some light musical relief.

ION EWIION are an audio equipment supplier, with offices in the USA, UK, Germany and Taiwan, and they have come up with the ION EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) USB, which is not just the flute or clarinet like it looks like, it has the ability to perform all types of instrument, like woodwind, brass, string, synthesizer, percussion and other instruments straight from your computer thought the USB port.

What you get on the instrument itself is touch sensitive buttons, pitch bend plates, and what they call octave rollers, this all put together will enable the player to create music from scratch or use the software provided to easily compose new pieces of music, which can be later saved on the computer and edited later on in then day or whenever you get the urge to play music again.

In order not to completely annoy everyone at work or in the office, thankfully the use of headphones gives the user a better sound effect and also gives everyone else around then a good laugh watching them perform with no sound coming out.

Key Features:

USB computer connectivity
Touch-sensitive keys
Touch-sensitive octave rollers
Touch-sensitive pitch bend plates
Virtual sampler software
Woodwind, brass, percussion, string, synthesizer and percussion instruments included in software

Product Page [ION EWI USB]

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5 Comments so far

  1. xman on March 10, 2007 01:07

    Nothing new about the EWI – they have been around for years. The late Michael Brecker played one.

  2. rforkel on March 12, 2007 04:37

    I have been looking for prices and retailers for this item but cant find it anywhere. Any ideas? Also this looks almost, if not, identical to the Akai EWI 4000. Any comments? thanks

  3. Ben on April 3, 2007 10:05

    So very convincing but sounds like a load of twaddle when you consider that they don’t even have a valid webpage link and when you click on the iON “Product” menu there is no EWI USB.

    It might be in the works, it might not be, but until we all know for sure it could very well be just a pile of poop “concept thing-a-ma-jig” that never goes to market.

    The EWI4000S is great, but I’d love to have a USB version so I can plug right into my PC. But the EWI4000S is great. I know I’ll get one some day but if they can release one that’s just as good quality that has full USB MIDI connectivity for $199 that would be fantastic!

  4. Al on June 19, 2007 19:55

    June 6, 2007,

    I too was wondering what happened to this product so I decided to call ION and inquire. As of this date their EWI product has been put on hold indefinitely. I found out to my surprise that ION, Alesis, AKAI and Numark are all owned by one individual. I realized a while ago there was a connection to Alesis, and probably AKAI too, but I didn’t realize all these companies are connected to one person. Given that Akai has recently released a new version of their EWI, I don’t expect it will make it down to a more consumer level product anytime soon, especially since this is more specialized than say drum machines / controller pads.
    Maybe as time goes on they’ll have a change of mind for our consumer-level budgets.

  5. MuZikfreakz on May 11, 2008 18:32

    hmm i thought these were already there on the market..

    i wud love to get my hands on one…will buy one soon

    thanks for the information 🙂

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