Fujitsu: World’s largest and fastest 2.5″ HDD

March 7, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment
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Fujitsu MHW2 BJ seriesFujitsu has announced the world’s fastes and largest 2.5″ HDD, the Fujitsu MHW2 BJ series.

The harddisk’s, that should be available towards the end of Spring and Fujitsu is hoping to sell a whopping 1.6 million units this year of, will offer a maximum of 160GB storage and a transfer speed of 3GB/s, which is the world’s fastest and largest 2.5″ HDD therefor.

Apart from reliability and durability, one of the disadvantages of traditional harddisks compared to NAND memory is of course noise, but again Fujitsu is claiming to be the best in it’s category. The MHW2 BJ series harddisks, according to Fujitsu, will be 25dB quiet/loud when idle. It also offers the highest speed in it’s class at 7.200rpm.

As mentioned, these amazing sounding disks should be available towards the end of Spring, but no mention of pricing could be found. Due to the nature of 2.5″ disks, you can expect to see these appearing in (high-end) notebooks and low-power computers sometime soon.

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[via LaptopNewz, Press Release]

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  1. lakonak on November 18, 2008 01:44

    Oh, how left behind this seems now, and it hasn’t even been 1 year!

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