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iGo everywhere adaptersThere are some really annoying things about traveling around like the time spent hanging around etc, but the worst thing is when one of your gadgets battery runs out or is so low that you have to switch it if just to save the battery in case you will need it in an emergency.

Well iGo everywhere must have been listening to the die hard travelers for they have come up with the ultimate universal wall and auto adapter, this is every adapter that anyone will ever need whether you are in the car or in a hotel room, the only thing that you should need to do is change the end of the adapter to the one the is for the device that needs power, and that is it, simple but effective for mobile phones, blue tooth headsets, PDA’s, portable music players, portable games consoles and digital cameras, plus there may be a few more that may need some charging up.

igoThis product is so versatile that it is quite possible that all other adapters and chargers would be almost obsolete, as it is so much easier to carry around one charger or adapter, rather than a whole bag of different chargers and adapters one for each device that everyone carries around with them.

This is an essential piece of travel kit, which can get the traveler out of a bit of bother if one of those essential gadgets runs low on power, the price for the set is only around £20 or $40 US.

Product Page [Mobility Electronics]

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