Samsung RH269LB Fridge with ICE tablet PC


samsung refrigerator

Samsung has announced this refrigarator with a twist: it can integrate the ICE ultramobile tablet PC and therefor offer numerous features you wouldn’t expect from a fridge, such as a food management system. The tablet PC runs on Microsoft Windows 4.2 and offers for example wireless digital TV and radio among other features.

[via MinstryOfTech]

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  1. Really cool fridge but the extra technology on it is not needed!!!I mean, who needs a tablet on their refridgerator?? Get expo markers people!!!That is all.

  2. I’m a gadget girl so this fridge is cool to me. I love the idea of the computer screen to optimize my refridgerator…cool idea…

  3. It is cool feature, especially if IP connectivity enable me to monitor the health of my fridge remotely and if enable me to add my fridge into my current monitoring system (Nagios) and send me an email if anything goes wrong… LOL,,, but I will buy this fridge or similar one when my current one is out of order…

  4. Seriously, why a TV? Dinner time is Dinner time. My family doesn’t even have their cell phones on during the course of the meal. Definitely no TV is allowed during dinner and we all eat at the table together as a family. Again, why a TV in the fridge?

    Ideal items that would be useful;
    1) Family Calendar (multiple calendars) that can sync up via wireless to your PC or Exchange server or any protocols.
    2) EMail
    3) Recipe applications
    4) Ability to browse network folders
    5) Contacts that wireless sync up with your PC or exchange server or any protocol.

    Why not Andriod base OS, far more feature enriched than MS Windows CE.


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