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When working in an office, there will always be that certain time of the day when everyone feels drained and tired like the batteries are running down, what would be exciting to get their blood flowing and liven them up again for the final couple of hours of the day, than an indoor rocket, sound so cool I cannot wait to get one for myself.

Before you even think about it though, you should be aware that the rocket can actually launch up to four feet into the air, so watch out for those suspended ceilings, otherwise there would be some very angry management around just after launch plus five seconds.


The rocket itself comes with a launch base which is about an inch thick, two and half inches wide and three and half inches long, so make sure that there is enough space to house it. All you need to do is connect the rocket to the launch pad and press the red button, this will launch your rocket into the air and up towards the heady heights of the lights above you, about four feet in fact, it is fun and it can help you when you are have a bad day.

One other thing, in the name of secrecy, the rocket doubles as a pen, good idea, because you never who is watching and therefore nobody will ever know that it is a secret rocket launch pad, are they?

Just in case you are interested in owning your own space rocket or pen then it will only cost you around $8, which is a pretty good deal, even for just a pen! This is a really fun product, both kids and big kids will enjoy this, though taking into the office may not be that much of a great idea, some people take offence to have rockets landing on their heads or the boss may not even like a hole in his ceiling.

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