LG Prada Coming Soon.


LG Prada PhoneRemember the upcoming cell phone by LG Electronics that was extremely similar to the Apple iPhone back in CES 2007? Well, it seems as if its launch date may come a little earlier than the expected date.

According to Mobile Today, the LG Prada phone, model KE850, will hope to see itself on the store shelves on the 22nd of March 2007. The fully touch screen capable camera and MP3 player phone will be arriving a few months before the Apple iPhone, which may cause a shift in Apple’s predicted sales percentage. A few dealers are also saying that they are seeing the LG Prada phone as a successor to the previous successful LG phones, the Chocolate Phone and The Shine.

The expected price of the LG Prada phone is said to be £390. It seems a bit costly at first, but two major brands joint venturing in one gadget; you could not really get any better! I’m hoping to wait for this one!

[via Mobile Today]


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