Dogs Can Do ATM Now!

March 5, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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ATM Dogs

A man’s best friend has done so many things in the past and has helped in so many ways that one could possibly think that it was a super natural animal. It is now a common sense that a dog can guide and assist those who are handicapped or do some very basic house works that a maid might be a bit too lazy to get off her bums and do. But now, dogs can rock the banks too!

How does a dog in front of an ATM machine sound to you? Cool or risky? Well, starting off with a ten year old Labrador Retriever assistance dog by the name of Endal, now those who are disabled or have a rough time trying to withdraw or deposit money via the ATM can receive some help from these canines. The dog is said to be able to put the card in, take it out, take the money and the receipt, and give it to the person. Unfortunately, they are not so good with PINs.

A charity that trains these dogs go by the name of Canine Partners and they have said that they can train about 30 dogs per year, and are hoping to double that count the next year. A dog is said to take about two years before it can truly work with the ATM machines, which by then, will also be able to pick up shopping bags and other simple tasks for the handicapped people. This is certainly a good advancement for the society as a whole. Great idea and a great effort for the woofies out there!

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