Your Index Finger Goes Ta-da On Your Desktop!

March 3, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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Finger mouseSo, from the ball mouse, a trackball was an invention. Then, the optical mouse along with a sketch pad pen was a hit. From another invention – once again from Asia – it seems as if your fingers may have some work to do, although it is a bit different from the clicking action you already do.

The Logisys optical finger mouse is a little mouse that you strap on your index finger and as you move your finger around, the cursor on the screen will also move. The right and left click buttons along with the scroll wheel is accessible via your thumb. Being a 800 dpi mouse, it is a pretty standard mouse in terms of cursor action, unless you like those Logitech gaming mouse that peaks you up in the thousands of dpis.

The real great aspect of this mouse is no doubt the fact that you require a minimal amount of surface space, enabling you to do some free cursor movement in places like a laptop, which is where it will probably work better than the touch pads. But like any other optical mice, the Logisys optical finger mouse also does not do too well when it comes with reflective glass surfaces. Unfortunately, the optical mouse is a wired mouse. You would think that such an invention would be wireless as then, it would truly give some freedom to your hard skinned wrists.

At only $20 USD, the Logisys optical finger mouse is an affordable, or even to some, a cheap mouse that you could try out. While certainly a wireless version would enhance the experience and probably no new cuts from the rather rough looking wire, it still seems like a good investment for those adventurers.

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