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Beyerdynamic EerphonesFor the most sophisticated and discerning music lover, these headphones are arguably the top of the range in this size, for anyone who is into listening to the perfect piece of music while on the go, then these are the headphones for them.

The main idea behind these headphones is to completely cut out any background noise from the outside, so while the wearer is listen to their favorite tracks, they have no idea of what is going on around them as unlike other headphones, you are always able to hear some background noise, maybe traffic or just the general noise of the busy town or city, with these Beyerdynamic headphones the background noise or most of it is implemented, giving the best sound possible.

They work because the piece that goes in the ear is made out of a silicon based material which will fit tightly into the ear and then will not allow the background noise from outside past, this is something that other earphones cannot achieve because they either go on the ear or do not fit tightly enough which allows the sound from outside to enter the ear.

The silicon part that fits into the ear does come in three sizes, which is good, as everyone has different sizes of ear, so once the right size has been found then everything is all set for music heaven.

The Beyerdynamic DTX 50 headphones come in either black or white and are compatible with all model in the iPod range of portable music and video players, they are on the rather expensive side but for quality of sound then they are probably worth the £60 or $117 US.

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