Luxurious (Useless) African Hardwood MP3

March 3, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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Gresso's African Hardwood MP3 PlayerYou think that Microsoft is overcharging the useless Wi-Fi Zune for $249.99 USD when not even living up to its hype? Well, you should better think that thought again when you meet the world’s most (and simplest in functionality) expensive MP3 player in the world.

Made out of African hardwood and gold, Gresso, a luxury phone maker, released a 1GB MP3 player at what price you ask? A bit over two grands. Maybe it is due to the African hardwood being over 200 years old or the plain hunger for money, but this MP3 player doesn’t seem to be the one that you’d see in an ordinary school kid’s pockets. What really shines about this rather too expensive MP3 player tho, is that it can be worn as jewelry (What a surprise!).

The “lite” version of the MP3 player is to cost “only” 3000 Euros. But if that extra white and pink gold version makes your fingers tingles your fingers, you could spend an extra 2000 Euros and get that too.

Did we tell you that there is no screen to the MP3 player though? And that its memory is a mere 1GB? Uh… maybe not the best choice, but I guess if you really want to spend your money, you could probably buy it. But then, I’d suggest that you donate that 5000 Euros to a charity instead and get a nice cheap MP3 player like an iPod Shuffle that could get you literally the same thing excluding the diamonds.

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