Ubiko To The Rescue!

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Ubiko RobotSooner or later, it seems as if fire sprinkler manufacturing companies will be out of business. Kyushu University and the Kanazawa Institute of Technology teamed up with a robot manufacturer known as tmsuk to develop a robot that can detect smoke when there is a fire.

Ubiko, which is the robot that was developed, is a 60 kilogram and a 112 centimeter tall robot. It has olfactory sensors with settings specifically to detect smoke and ash. In a test done at the Kyushu University, Ubiko moved freely on its wheels. In the demonstration, the humanoid type of robot roamed through four rooms, one with a perfume smell, one with a garlic smell, one with a cigarette smell, and one room that was odorless. Uibko, when passing through the smoke filled room identified the room as a combustible area and sent a wireless message to the security.

Unfortunately, the robot is certainly not some iRobot that’ll be able to squirt water out and close down a fire except for sending alert messages to the security when its red light goes bing-bing.

If such a robot can be further improved, I honestly do feel that such robots (if it is affordable) will play a major role in preventing fire. Kiyoshi Toko, an electronic engineering professor at Kyushu University said that these robots will in the future be able to detect subtle smells that humans can’t. The sooner it becomes a reality, I’m sure that the better it will be.

At least I’ll know who’s a smoker or not if they ever come in to my office!

[via Pink Tentacle]

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