Sony 8GB Memory Stick Soon.

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Sony Memory Stick 8GBSony Japan announced their new MSX-M8GS Memory Stick PRO Duo that will have a capacity of 8GB. But, the massive flash memory card unfortunately will not work with all of the Sony products. It is said that the Sony Cybershot cameras and the Sony VAIO laptops will not be compatible with this memory stick; that is, unless you bought your device in 2007. But for those who own the PlayStation Portable, as long as your firmware is version 2.81, the new flash cards will be compatible. The card will be able to hold up to approximately 19 hours and 20 minutes of QVGA video in MPEG-4 format at 768 kbps, 2500+ JPEG images, and up to 4100 songs at 64kbps at Atrac format.

We’re not sure why Sony products aren’t compatible with each other all the time, so just for safety purposes, it is highly recommended to check out Sony’s compatibility page (Unfortunately, the page has not yet been updated with the 8GB Memory Sticks, but should after the release).

The Memory Stick PRO Duo 8GB will be released for sale in Japan on March 9 for about $325 USD.

[via Newlaunches]

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