Fabric Keyboard

March 2, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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Fabric Keyboard

When the fingers have had enough of trying to press the tiny buttons on a mobile phone or PDA, what can you do? The good people at Cyber Guys have a fabric keyboard, this comes rolled up and connects to any device via Bluetooth, and so it can be used with mobile phones, pda’s and even computers.

The can be very handy should you require to write more concise emails or even make adjustments to documents while on the move, because of its small size when rolled up it is easily transportable and thus will make a very valuable business tool.
Fabric Keyboard
Once taken out of its shiny little bag, all the keyboard requires is two AAA batteries, these will power the keyboard for up to ten hours of constant typing, so that’s a day then! When finished with it is just rolled up again and placed into the bag that is provided, when in the rolled up position the keyboard is about the same size as a larger model mobile phone, which makes it very handy for traveling and using while out of the office.

The keyboard comes with bag, phone stand and software CD and will cost around $130.

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[Cyber Guys]

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  1. Cellphones on February 29, 2008 02:24

    Very cumbersome, i don’t wanna keep a lot of gadgets in my house just for my cell phone. That’s the consequence of having a cell phone, you have to buy more add ons (bluetooth headset, keyboards,etc.) extensions (data cable, blue tooth for PC, card reader). For me a phone is a phone. Media players, cameras, pictures are tolerable in phones for me. They don’t sacrifice the size and weight of the phone.

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