22Moo Release a New Line of Viewers.

February 28, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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22Moo Eyewears

These things probably aren’t the coolest things to wear in a subway, as some onlookers may look at you as some whiz kid from outer space, but hey, they do make those 2.5 inch and 3 inch screens look pretty decent! I’m talking about 22Moo’s video eyewears. 22Moo is an already renowned company for making your small media players screen look huge via these glasses. But they just launched a new line of viewers such as VG240, VG910, VG920, PlayMate, Argo+, VG-350, etc. which when put on, can create a 35 inch screen and with some, up to 80 inch (VG920). These viewers can be directly connected to your iPod Video or the Zune or whatever player. The Argo+ is also compatible with Wii. The prices go at around $275, which isn’t the most affordable (who purchases a viewer pricier than their own player?) despite looking very similar to their old lines.

[Press Release, via Engadget]

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