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For anyone who travels internationally for pleasure or business will know that the international time zones do present a certain problem which need to be addressed, otherwise you can soon find yourself running into trouble, what with jetlag and not resetting your watch all the time, and everywhere that you land, just one slip up and you are late for meetings and forever playing catch up with your lost time.


So designer Charlotte van der Walls has come up with a brilliant idea that makes telling the time in various countries so easy you will think “Why didn’t I think of that one”.

The concept is simple, a cylinder is flattened on twelve sides each side has two cities embossed on it to represent the twenty four time zones, the clock face is a normal analogue clock but has only the hour hand, and all of the numbers have been replaced by simple lines, after all we all know that twelve o’clock is at the top, so that is our starting point, the clock is set at your time zone, say for example one o’clock, if you travel to the next time zone for instance, all you do is roll the clock to the next flattened side, either forward or back and the clock will show the time in that time, simple but very effective.

This is not only for travelers, because if you make phone calls around the globe it is also very handy to know the time of day in the time zone that you are calling, it makes good for long term business relationships. All that for a bargain price of just $74 US in all time zones.

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