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February 26, 2007 by davidallen | 2 Comments
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bittorrentToday see’s the opening of the much talked about Bit Torrent Entertainment Network, basically it is a file transfer system, but this is enhanced file transfer system, that has been launched today.

What will you find on Bit Torrent Entertainment Network, they say thousands of films, PC Games, tv programs, and music tracks, but the is one more important thing for the user who already use the Bit Torrent Entertainment Network software, you can even publish your own work if you are a musician, filmmaker or artist, and use Bit Torrent Entertainment Network to launch your career by showcasing your work to a wider public.

All you need to start is to download the free software; obviously you will need fast Internet to make the connection to the Bit Torrent Entertainment Network account, a minimum of windows XP and you are done, ready to show the world what you can do.

Bit Torrent Entertainment Network will cost you nothing, the software is free to use and Bit Torrent Entertainment Network have a catalogue of thousands of files to view, play or listen to these include some Hollywood movies, as well as independent filmmakers work. Films will cost around £2 about $4 US for new movies, while older movies are around the £1.50 or about $3 for the older movies.

When you download a program, you are to keep it for thirty days and they can only be viewed by using the windows media player.

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