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It appears that the truce that had existed between Microsoft and Apple has hit some rocky ground, this time with the inclusion of Vista onto Macs, the problem lies where there are other versions of the Vista program that are cheaper or possibly open source, these will therefore under cut Microsoft’s Vista operating system.

So what Microsoft is doing, or planning to do, is prevent anyone including Apple themselves in putting or even making available additional operating systems for the Mac computers, this comes about from the Vista licensing agreements that Apple were given and agreed to from Microsoft, see even the big guys fall foul of agreements.

This is all down the virtualization engine, this enable the Vista operating system to run along side the original OS X operating system that is normally on the Macs when they are bought. The problems really lie in the fact that both companies have entered into a partnership agreement, the reasons behind this are, that some Mac users want to use XP and now Vista, for reasons of compatibility with other workers and clients etc, and in order to do so Apple have had to go to Microsoft and ask it is ok to use XP and Vista in their machines, it is like a dream come true for Microsoft and they have obviously gone for the best deal with the toughest licensing agreements that they could possibly get, which in business they do have a duty to do, in order to make profits and please the share holders.

In reality these two companies have been in and out of love for years, and they should both really form some sort of long term arrangement regarding the delivery of software and operating systems, but that we all know is just not going to happen, so maybe all hardware should be sold without operating systems that way the consumers can choose from a menu which include operating systems and other software at the point of sale, so we would have at the store, the computers, operating systems and other software on a menu and all you need do is just pick and choose what you want, but we also know that is not going to happen either, so we will just sit back and the companies argue and bicker over this and that, whatever happens it is always the consumer who pays, both in hassle and in hard earned cash.

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